Astral distance limitations

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Astral distance limitations

Post by lostangel » November 9th, 2014, 10:02 am

I've been attempting AP in the am right after awakning and have felt iimited in how far I could travel, distance wise. For instance, this morning I attempted to induce my separation from the body however, whenever I attempted to travel away from the body, even out of my own bedroom , it felt like I was continuously drawn back to the body. It actually felt like maybe I had some kind of fear of something happening to the body in my absence. Also, it felt like I was only able to induce sleep paralysis just so much, which let me know that maybe I need to 'build up' my practice or 'astral strength'. Just the other morning ' something' had awakened me out of a deep, restful sleep. So right away, for some reason, I attempted to AP yet still found that my 'wanderings' were limited only within the walls of my bedroom. In the past, upon falling into a deep sleep I remember dreaming of 'flying' which felt indescribably fantastic, like I had no limits , no boundaries at all holding me back from whatever I wanted to experience. Now I seem to have a little difficulty in just inducing separation, I know that I just need to be patient. I keep reminding myself of the old proverb, "the longest journey begins with but a single step" , lol.
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Re: Astral distance limitations

Post by hydro1 » November 9th, 2014, 2:14 pm

Heh you not alone buddy its been happening to me too. I constantly keep being pulled back to my body. I made it out one good time after being pulled back 3 to 4 times only to be pulled back again, but the more we keep at it the longer we will eventually stay out.
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