Astral Projection

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Astral Projection

Post by lotus1285 » August 13th, 2015, 3:34 pm

First off...I have no idea if I'm astral projecting or if I am just dreaming. I have been doing this for years and it always scares the hell out of me. Just a few minutes ago I was trying to nap and I felt ...almost like a feeling of my brain relaxing in the back of my skull. At first I fought that feeling and then just gave in and fell asleep. My dream was of me being in a really beautiful meadow. I walked past a few bulls and they seemed to notice me. I looked up and saw mountains and there was a water source nearby. It seemed so incredibly real that I even bent over to touch the grass and I felt it! That's what makes me wonder because I'm not sure if you can physically "feel" things during astral projection. Anyway it was that moment that I felt scared and kept telling myself I need to wake up. I could open my eyes but I couldn't move. When I closed my eyes I felt my arms moving but when I opened them they were still by my side. I even reached up to touch my face and felt it but once again i opened my eyes and they were still by my side. I started to panic and was flailing around screaming at myself to wake up...i started to feel really scared. I tried pinching my face and kicking but everytime i opened my eyes i was lying still. FINALLY i moved my finger and slowly regained control of my body and sat up. This is like the 10th time i have had these weird scary dreams and i wondered if it wasn't something more. It's like i can feel myself floating back into my body to the point that i could feel my face touch my pillow. If it is astral there an easier way to wake myself up? It's always when i am at the point of having a full blown panic attack that i finally am able to move. I have always had weird and crazy dreams my entire life so part of me feels like it could just be a dream. Thoughts?

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Re: Astral Projection

Post by fairyana » August 13th, 2015, 3:49 pm

Sure you can feel things in an astral projection. The astral is also physical, though in a different way. Dreams and astral projections are the same thing, but with different types of awareness. Since you were aware that you were in a different place, aware to question where you were and explore your surroundings, then it's probable that your were in an astral projection instead of a dream. In a dream, you wouldn't question things, you'd just go with the flow of what you where experiencing unaware of the oddity of it all.

What happened to you was that your consciousness tuned back into this physical reality where your body is, but your body was still in sleep paralysis, which is what keeps us from acting out what we do in our dreams.

What will help you is to realize that there is no harm in experiencing the astral. It's just your consciousness tuning into a different channel. If you panic, you just make your experience unpleasant and for no reason. Let the experience run its natural course and wake up when it's naturally time to wake up and hopefully you won't experience the sleep paralysis.

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Re: Astral Projection

Post by hydro1 » August 15th, 2015, 11:27 pm

fairyana is right. just relax, the more you panic the worst it could get. this was definately a projection. So congrats are in order, well done.
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