Astral Projection Technique

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Re: Astral Projection Technique

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 20th, 2013, 12:30 pm

Michael Beloved wrote:
el_capitan08 wrote:I have a question. Last night, I was lying in bed. I closed my eyes to go to sleep and shortly after, I was suddenly able to see everything around me again, even though my eyes were shut.
You must have closed your physical eyes and then were able to see using the eyes of the subtle body. The term “my” is being used conventionally. In the future distinguish between physical and astral vision, and understand that physical vision occurs only when astral vision is interspaced in the physical system but the astral vision can and does separate out of the physical process.
el_capitan08 wrote:I also heard a strange sound, that I could only explain as the kind of sound you hear coming from a UFO in movies or something. Then suddenly it felt as though I was being lifted into the air, and I saw something (I don't know what, it looked human though) crawling towards me. It kinda freaked me out so I forced my eyes open. As soon as my eyes were open, all sounds and visuals stopped. Was this the beginning of an out of body experience? Or was it just some strange dream?
This was the beginning of an out of body experience which for some reason or the other, nature was allowing you to observe. This can also happen when you are not in an existential position to observe this. You need to understand that.

To relate to this more, try to imagine that you are wanted by the CIA. They kidnap you in a foreign country, take you and lock you in a special sound proof chamber of an aircraft and fly you thousands of miles away. Because of the sound proof isolation you may not realize that you were airborne even though you were transported.

This gives you some idea of what usually happens when there is an out of body experience, in that it frequently happens but you are not in an existential position to view it.

In contrast a prisoner of the CIA who is taken aboard an aircraft and placed in normal seating will observe what happens to him even though there would be nothing that the could do about it, because of being handcuffed or put in a strait jacket. He can observe what happens but he has to accept whatever they do to him. He will hear the sound of the aircraft engines. He may even see through a window. If they decide to torture him, he can observe how they do it but he cannot stop them.


The sound you heard and the lift you felt were done by the psychic life force system which is known as kundalini. It operates the sleep-wake cycle of the material body and regulates the departure from and arrival into of the subtle body into the physical one.
The forcing opening of the eyes has to do with the physical eyes. The astral eyes were already open and somehow because you panicked, the astral system was resynchronized into the physical and operated the physical to make it open just as the astral eyes were. But then the astral vision was lost and the physical vision alone became available.
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