"Astral winds" - controlling your thoughts?

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"Astral winds" - controlling your thoughts?

Post by Jettins \o/ » May 4th, 2013, 1:08 am

This is a long post, I hope it's not too hard to understand.
William Bulhman wrote:posted @ http://www.unlimitedboundaries.ca/forum ... 1763#p1763
Each experience increased my realization that my nonphysical state of consciousness was extremely sensitive and responsive to the slightest thought. My prevailing conscious and subconscious thoughts would instantly propel me in a specific direction. I quickly learned that my subconscious mind exerts much more influence and control over my actions than I ever imagined. Often, a completely spontaneous thought would create an immediate reaction. For example, if I thought about flying, which I often did, I would immediately fly through the ceiling or wall and glide over my neighborhood.
Xanth wrote:This is what I believe to be the cause behind the experience which some people (I believe it was coined by Robert Bruce) refer to as the “Astral Wind”. Whereby you’ll be in one location, then some kind of wind or supposed “pushing/pulling” effect will happen upon you, where you’ll end up somewhere else unknowingly. Well, this is why.

People don’t realize it and they try to externalize the sensation, which will cause it to appear as something external, such as a “wind” that uncontrollably blows you elsewhere.
The moment you realize that energy, and entity or being can pull you to a location in the same way that you can objective travel to another location the idea falls apart because it’s incomplete. We aren't the only sentient beings + more that have a say on how things will be experienced in the astral dimensions or in the physical.

Our subconscious mind does have a very big say on how we react to our reality, but at the same time it will not always choice what it will experience. In the same way that a drug addict did not choice to be abused or neglected when he or she was a child creating the tendency for an addiction. This happens because others have a choice on how they will interact with us, but let’s not talk about Karma because it opens up a big can of worms. In the non-physical dimensions one might need to take care of responsibilities in the same way as in the physical. Even if you’re subconscious doesn't want too, guess what? Someone else is may pull you to it. The non-physical is the same. It happens in the same way you may pull a "guide" to attend to your needs. In this case the “guide” wants to help. But not all astral encounters happen willfully. If you check my last post you will see that I referred to this process as “readiness states”.

The non-physical appears to me to be created in such a way as to maximize causality. In other words, it creates non-random causality (cause and effect) in the consciousness field or in the field in which your consciousness resides in. If you agreed with this statement, you would see that your consciousness and that of the others includes a function of another process. This higher process is what allows for people and situations to come together. Its tendency is to maximize itself, which means that will try to create situations that are less random – creating the highest learning potential for those involved within it. But to do this it will bring the appropriate people together in the physical and in the astral. The event creates a result, cause and effect, the function of the energy, or the potential for consciousness (subtle body) evolution.

This means trial and error maybe be used initially in the process of maximizing itself (a human life), in the process of finding cohesion (magnetism). It also means that it can be easy or hard, and everything in between to realize the things we might need to learn, in which case opportunities will constantly be created for this purpose. But what does this have to do with the question in this post? Even though each person can experience reality from their point of view, you are still inside a container that holds more than your own consciousness or point of view. I will explain.

Imagine an empty two liter bottle as the consciousness field. Inside the bottle there are marbles that float inside without moving. Imagine the marbles are the consciousnesses (psyche) of different people. Now imagine the two liter bottle starts to shake (to maximize causality). When the marbles start to collide they start to become magnetized (cause and effect). This creates marbles that can find each other more easily because they are better magnetized (less random). The “astral wind” is the two liter bottle (consciousness field) as it shakes and the destination is the magnetism of the marbles defined by the function of the shake (readiness state) and the magnetism (psyche) of the marble. This means not only your psyche (subconscious) but the external interactions (marble collisions) that maximize self-evolution produce the “astral winds” construct. This means you can pull others and other may pull you towards self-evolution (in reference to objectively aware non-physical experience #1013 – “we are connected by electrons (of the atom)” - from May 3, 2013).

The more random our psyche the more “errors” we will experience in the form of distorted dream material and misunderstood physical life situations (In reference to objectively aware non-physical experience #1014 – Flashing visual error messages during vibrations - from May 3, 2013). This is OK because the more random our psyche (includes the subconscious) the more cause and effect, therefore the higher the potential to experience what we need to experience (psychological adjustment), if recognized. This potential creates our life experiences, even if we don’t agree with it. Like today when I failed to separate from the body during the onset of an out-of-body. I think this happened so that I include the information in this post, the same with magnetism and collision talk.

The more we become aware of what we need to learn the more synchronicity. You can see why. The “astral wind” construct will usually require a higher level of objectivity otherwise it won’t be noticed.

In the astral, adjusting the psyche or psychology is not “ability to control thoughts”, any more than an alcoholic can control his addiction using his “ability to control thoughts”. He will learn when he makes use of his thoughts, for this he will need to analyze and work out the content of them, instead of temporarily going cold turkey or (focused awareness). It may work to increase objectivity, but only for a little bit. In this way trying to “silence the mind” doesn't function in the say way as putting a cork up our ears, in which case the issues that cause the noise are still there we’re just not hearing it for just a little bit. I would try to flush it out to increase my native awareness, it appears to me that it can help connects us to our genuine self.

My point here is that if we simply try to gain awareness without trying to gain insight into the issues that shut it down, we do very little really. We've all had long vivid lucid dreams that end up in non-lucidity. What are you expecting when you’re physical body dies?

All this applies to me as well. I am not immune to any of it. Thanks for the post!
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Re: "Astral winds" - controlling your thoughts?

Post by hydro1 » May 4th, 2013, 1:39 am

I never heard of Astral wind or experienced it either but you talk about it I guess when you describe forces pulling you in your experiences but I never thought of it as astral wind just a being or force not wind
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