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back to the begining of my AP

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back to the begining of my AP

Postby hydro1 » July 15th, 2012, 2:19 pm

When ever i get out of body(since i'm having a hard time trying to project), do you guys think i could travel back to when i started having my AP, so that i can see exactly how and what i did to pull it off the, then maybe if i redid that method i would get it...cause i remember how it arms rose up..i heard myself snoring and i feaked out thats all i remember but i don't know what position i was in and what triggered it to began with..and thats why i wanna go back to that that i can move forward with my AP and have more..every since that day i been trying to recreate the same things i did that day but can't was only 5 years ago that i exped AP been trying since and had 8 ...1 or 2 every blue moon it usually bee 3 mouths befor i can get another one and sometimes not even then...i think AP will be much easier/better if i can just remember that first time.
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