Can you be possessed?

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Can you be possessed?

Post by miltfox » March 27th, 2014, 9:43 am

My name is kaspars

I have a question about possession if someone could share your thoughts about it, I know you cannot be possessed by someone,but if you invite it's a different story?,my plan was if I give up this reality, I want to be possessed by other spirit because of my family they love me and I love them too,but they would suffer even more if I go suicidal, but if I am possessed it's an illusion of my present as a body that's near them, I am just too lost to think like that, but there is a times I might lose myself to it.
And even if I do I will probably end up entering in lower dimension levels where i will deal with self adjustment.

My story
I have became a victim of my own desire
Because I inspire so greatly to succeed.
I am unable to feel happy or even enjoy myself in this life
I suffer all the time,and i difficulty to find a way to change
I have a talent and I have found my patient and my true potential
but yet there is something greatly missing to succeed with it,
and i have been filling out of place all the time,like not belong here.

almost completely unable to live a full and active life anymore.
I have isolated myself into my own thoughts in hopes to protect myself from having to deal this terrible reality at all.
I am very locked inside myself

Don't misunderstand Life is not terrible, it's actually very beautiful and enjoyable, it's just me. I can't see it, because of other focus and my locks
I sleep too much and sometimes I don't want to awake again To face this life
I feel absolutely lost not only in myself ,but to a whole entire world around me as well.
I know I have fallen in very deep depression and it has been a struggle since from my very childhood as I remember,but those last 3 years completely deep.
I want to change myself and take a advantage over my sadness that I am having, and I know there is a way to do it outside this reality

I blame my self and I feel I am punishing myself for my unsuccessful life lead. And I am fully aware what's happening to me, but I am dealing with difficulty to change.
I have been surrounding myself with positive thoughts and trying to call upon Angelic presents.
focusing to connect other higher consciousness to grasp upon for someone to help me.
I have been looking for answers, I have tried to look up for them through my dreams and meditation even through astral projection.
started to educated myself what is beyond the physical. I found inconsistencies
some of my known believes to me where flipped over when I started to search for answers, I started to listen to philosophers
and read books and what I heard made since to me about higher awareness and conciseness and about this holographic reality where we are in now
to experience,explore and evolve,

whatever I tried didn't work I feel so limited like a barrier on front of me that cannot be crossed.
All i want is to enjoy my life and be happy with my family meet my guide hug it and cry my heart out, I want my peace that I never had.
I wanted someone to hear my voice,but I didn't received any answer with my past 3 years on focusing to it.
I have no idea or understanding anymore what is the real truth to this.. is this who I am,lost and unable?
I don't think i will get out of this nicely, I am too lost in my only age of 23 yet so early. I felt like a rising werewolf who waits for the moon to awake, but it just never shined to me.
I am starting to feel hatred on all of this and this boiling pain in me. what a pity.
I am always nice to people and was there to help , but it just never happen to me, if it ever did I made really bad decisions.
I never was motivated to finish something was always flying unstable in my thoughts.

I actually want to keep fighting, but i have lost trust in myself, in times i feel i will break and will do something stupid and will hurt myself.
That is way i want to prepare myself as I have been keeping educate myself what can be expected beyond the physical

That's way i have decided to go from this reality to deal with my problems, issues and on my wish fulfillment.
I will try to find myself somewhere else since i haven't done it successfully here
but i want to do it by not harming my close ones, that is why I was wondering about the being possessed.

I feel tired and deeply lost,
Do not feel pity to me,I just wanted to express myself.
It's my suffer not yours all I am asking is if the possession can work
Doctors here won't help me and do not advise me them!.
My apologize for disturbing with my story here,but i don't now where else to put myself on.
I don't even now what is right and what is wrong for me, I even don't now why i put this post on this forum
That is how deeply I have lost myself..

I also attached my creative video, where I putted my self in dream like worlds.
To inspire someone else what can be found out there.

[BBvideo 660,380][/BBvideo]

Please answer
Thank you

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Re: Can you be possessed?

Post by hydro1 » March 27th, 2014, 4:15 pm

wow you just put into words exactly how I feel, I never knew how to word it with out being misunderstood, so I thank you for that, however being possessed I think is possible but trying to do it may prove harder to do, a lot of people here don't believe in the thought of being possessed. but in the manner that you are talking about for someone else to live for you i'm not sure, I feel out of place here too but we must have been put here for a reason even if it was a small reason, like to bring joy to someone's life, we were still put here to do that, you probably have not done whatever you need to do. even if it were possible to be possessed in that manner it would take time, you would have to find the right being to switch with, one that won't try to do something to the family you love so much, theres a lot of stuff to consider if you wanted to do this. besides we are tethered to theses bodies, meaning these bodies were strictly made for our spirit, why do you think when some other being possess a body it begins to deform or break apart all together, you have to take into consideration of what you are asking. i'm not saying you shouldn't do something this insane, but you must think about this first. for now all we have is astral projection to give us a small portion of life on the other side. as of now I just always look forward to my death. I know I will never live a physical life again. but if you going to do this no one can stop you so maybe you should try to look for a shaman or witch or wiccan, some sort of cult that deal in these areas.
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Re: Can you be possessed?

Post by fairyana » April 9th, 2014, 12:53 pm

As to the possession... I personally don't believe what you want to do is possible. But supposing it is, have you thought about the spirit possessing your body? How would you know that the spirit possessing your body would be one you could trust enough to leave with your family? What if some psycho spirit took your body and left your family in danger? Besides, they would know it isn't you, because you are your consciousness, not your body. With time, they'd say "He's not who we used to know" or "He's not who he used to be"... And that is a cause of sadness and hurt for your family too because you can't expect a new spirit to love your family as you do. You have a bond with your family that a new spirit wouldn't have. It's like giving someone else your clothes and expecting people to think that because they have your clothes on, that they won't notice it's not you. Think about that...

Now on a positive note: I loved your video! You have great capacity of creating beauty and it would be awesome if you could explore that. Great artists many times express their pain through art and because it is so full of emotion, their artworks are so fantastic. Through this emotion filled art they are able to touch people's lives. My humble suggestion (I know it's easier said than done) is instead of giving into this pain, use it as a tool to do great things.

Wish you all the best.

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Re: Can you be possessed?

Post by azeliawings » April 19th, 2014, 11:16 pm

"I felt like a rising werewolf who waits for the moon to awake, but it just never shined to me." A warewolf is not afraid of what he/she has become. He has accepted his change and thrives apon it. He is strong and aware and above all in all respects. He is a force to be reconed with, a beatuiful creature unlike any other, a creature to be admired. The moon has not yet awoken for you because you do not yet believe you hold the above atributes. The moon yields only to those it sees deserving and can not see you unless you possess a light within. I know nothing of your struggles but of the depression I am familiar. You must become one within yourself, accept yourself as a whole being, fucked up, struggling or not to be able to be graced with the light of change. You wish for posession so you can stop taking responsibility for your own emotions. Posession is possible, I have experienced it through astral projection. I have lost myself in places that I should not have been, I have brought back with me energies that have consumed me until I rid of them. A wolf, a warewolf is an incredible being. He/She is ruler of the night, entices the moon, changes shape and travels far in a nights time. Be the Warewolf, entice the moon, accept the darkness and the light will come. You are a beautiful and amazing being. BELIEVE

With love and light...

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