a alien image ( from my fiancee)

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What do you think hydro's fiancee saw?

An alien being (or astral creature) from another dimension
A trick of light and shadow
No votes
Nothing, just prone to imagination
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The Astral Dimensions is calling for her
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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by fairyana » September 20th, 2012, 6:20 pm

""Incarnation in Different Worlds

172. Do we accomplish all our different corporeal existences upon this earth?

"Not all of them, for those existences take place in many different worlds. The world in
which you now are is neither the first nor the last of these, but is one of those that are the
most material, and the furthest removed from perfection."

173. Does the soul, at each new corporeal existence, pass from one world to another or can it
accomplish several existences on the same globe?

"It may live many times on the same globe, if it be not sufficiently advanced to pass into a
higher one."

- We may, then, re-appear several times upon the earth?


- Can we come back to it after having lived in other worlds?

"Assuredly you can; you may already have lived elsewhere as upon the earth."

174. Is it necessary to live again upon this earth?

"No; but if you do not advance, you may go into a world no better than this one, or even

175. Is there any advantage in coming back to inhabit this earth?

"No special advantage, unless it be the fulfilment of a mission; in that case the spirit
advances, whether incarnated in this earth or elsewhere."

- Would it not be happier to remain as a spirit?

"No, no! for we should remain stationary; and we want to advance towards God."

176. Can spirits come to this world, for the first time, after having been incarnated in other

"Yes; just as you may go into other ones. All the worlds of the universe are united by the
bonds of solidarity; that which is not accomplished in one of them is accomplished in

- Some of those who are now upon this earth are here, then, for the first time?

"Many of them are so; and at various degrees of advancement."

- Is there any sign by which we can know the spirits who are here for the first time?

"Such knowledge would not be of the slightest use to you."

177. In order to arrive at the perfection and the supreme felicity which are the final aim of
mankind, is it necessary for a spirit to pass through all the worlds that exist in the universe?

"No; for there are a great number of worlds of the same degree, in which a spirit would learn
nothing new."

- How, then, are we to explain the plurality of his existences upon the same globe?

"He may find himself, each time he comes back, in very different situations, which afford him
the opportunity of acquiring new experience."

178. Can spirits live corporeally in a world relatively inferior to the one in which they have
already lived?

"Yes; when they have to fulfil a mission in aid of progress; and in that case they joyfully
accept the tribulations of such an existence, because these will furnish them with the means
of advancement."

- May this not occur also as an expiation and may not rebellious spirits be sent by God into
worlds' of lower degree?

"Spirits may remain stationary, but they never retrograde; those who are rebellious are
punished by not advancing, and by having to recommence their misused existences under the
conditions suited to their nature."

- Who are they that are compelled to recommence the same existence?
"They who fail in the fulfilment of their mission, or in the endurance of the trial appointed to

179. Have all the human beings who inhabit any given world arrived at the same degree of

"No; it is in the other worlds as upon the earth; there are some who are more advanced, and
others who are less so."

180. In passing from this world into another one, does a spirit retain the intelligence which
he possessed in this one?

"Undoubtedly he does; intelligence is never lost. But he may not have the same means of
manifesting it for that depends both on his degree of advancement and on the quality of the
body he will take." (Vide, Influence of Organism.)

181. Have the human beings who inhabit the other worlds bodies like ours?

"They undoubtedly have bodies, because it is necessary for the spirit to be clothed with matter
in order to act upon matter; but. this envelope is more or less material according to the degree
of purity at which each spirit has arrived, and it is these gradations of purity that decide the
different worlds through which we have to pass; for in our Father's house are many mansions,
and therefore many degrees among those mansions. There are some who know this, and
possess the consciousness of this fact, while upon the earth; and there are others who have no
such intuition."

182. Can we obtain any exact knowledge of the physical and moral state of the different

“We, spirits, can only reply according to the degree at which you have arrived; that is to say,
that we must not reveal these things to all, because some are not in the state which would
enable them to understand such revelations, and would be confused by them.""

The Spirit's Book http://www.geae.inf.br/en/books/codification/sb.pdf page 122

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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by fairyana » September 20th, 2012, 6:23 pm

In proportion as a spirit becomes purified, the body with which he clothes himself also approaches more
nearly to the spirit-nature. The matter of which his body is composed is less dense he no longer crawls
heavily on the surface of the ground ; his bodily needs are less gross and the various living beings in those
higher worlds are no longer obliged to destroy one another in order to feed themselves. A spirit
incarnated in those worlds enjoys a greater degree of freedom, and possesses, in regard to objects at a
distance, orders of perception of a nature unknown to us; he sees with his eyes what we see only in

The purification of spirits determines the moral excellence of the corporeal beings in whom they are
incarnated. The animal passions become weaker, and selfishness gives place to the sentiment of fraternity.
Thus, in worlds of higher degree than our earth, wars are unknown, because no one thinks of doing harm
to his fellow-beings, and there is consequently no motive for hatred or discord. The foresight of their
future, which is intuitive in the people of those worlds, and the sense of security resulting from a
conscience void of remorse, cause them to look forward to death without fear, as being simply a process of
transformation, the approach of which they perceive without the sightest uneasiness.

The duration of a lifetime, in the different worlds, appears to be proportionate to the degree of moral and
physical superiority of each world and this is perfectly consonant with reason. The less material is the
body, the less subject is it to the vicissitudes which disorganise it ; the purer the spirit, the less subject is it
to the passions which undermine and destroy it. This correspondence between moral and physical
conditions is a proof of the beneficence of providential law, even in worlds of low degree ; as the duration
of the suffering which is the characteristic of life in those worlds is thus rendered proportionally shorter.""

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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by fairyana » September 20th, 2012, 6:26 pm


""183. In passing from one world to another, does the spirit pass through a new infancy?
"Infancy is, in all worlds, a necessary transition; but it is not, in all of them, so stupid as it in

184. Has a spirit the choice of the new world which lie is to inhabit?

"Not always; but he can make his demand, and it may be granted, but only if he have
deserved it; for the various worlds are only accessible to spirits according to the degree of
their elevation."

- If a spirit make no such demand, what is it that decides as to the world in which he will be
"The degree of his elevation."

185. Is the physical and moral state of the living beings of each globe always the same?

"No; worlds, like the beings that live in them, are subject to the law of progress. All have
begun, like yours, by being in a state of inferiority; and the earth will undergo a
transformation similar to that which has been accomplished by the others. It will become a
terrestrial paradise, when the men by whom it is inhabited have become good."

The races which now people the earth will gradually disappear. and will be succeeded by others more and
more perfect. Those transformed races will succeed the races now upon the earth, as these have succeeded
earlier races, still more gross than the present ones.

186. Are there worlds in which the spirit, ceasing to inhabit a material body, has no longer
any other envelope than the pen spirit ?

"Yes, and this envelope itself becomes so etherealised that, for you, it is as though it did not
exist. This is the state of the fully purified spirits."

- It would seem, from this statement, that there is no clearly marked line of demarcation
between the state of the latter in-carnations and that of pure spirit?

"No such demarcation exists. The difference between them growing gradually less and less,
they blend into one another as the darkness of night melts into the dawn."

187. Is the substance of the perispirit the same in all globes?

"No; it is more or less ethereal. On passing from one world to another, a spirit clothes himself with the matter proper to
each, changing his envelope with the rapidity of lightning."

188. Do the pure spirits inhabit special worlds, or are they in universal space without being
attached to any particular globe?

"The pure spirits inhabit certain worlds, but they are not confined to them as men are
confined to the earth; they possess, in a higher degree than any others, the power of
instantaneous locomotion, which is equivalent to ubiquity."

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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by fairyana » September 20th, 2012, 6:27 pm

Ok. I'll stop here. But tell me if it makes sense to you or not. :)

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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 20th, 2012, 6:54 pm

It reminds me of my astral experiences. I've been a demon an extraterrestrial and what not. I can't use them to determine if these experiences are accurate depictions of my existences in the past, because my standards to determine such things are high. Besides, I might not want to be again how I've existed in the past or I might want to make adjustments and improvements.

The person who I am, I am creating now in this life, and not necessarily the person I was before. Either way maybe I have existed in many strange ways, can I know for sure? not yet. But I am closer to make some of these determinations.

I think in your case Hydro where you have a strong feeling of that being the case you might have origins as an extra terrestrial. I really think that anything is possible in the realm of creativity. Creativity? I think souls develop themselves by fulfilling their creativity by having a taste of what is possible. Maybe your testing out something new in this life and when you are ready, you will be able to reconnect to where you belong.

Have a great day!
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Re: a alien image ( from my fiancee)

Post by hydro1 » September 24th, 2012, 1:35 pm

Today my fiancee saw another being blended in the carpet outside the bathroom....this time it was a hooded figure with a skeleton head underneath the hood it was gathing other skeleton heads...its eyes were hollowed but my fiancee says she could feel it looking at her...when it finished gathering other skeletons it turned and stare at her....it creeped her out so badly... when i came back in the house she had me drag my feet across the carpet...when i wasn't hitting the right spot she directed me to the spot and i swep almost all the area and i finally got it all...she would have draw it out but it was too creepy for her.
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