So Close but so Far

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So Close but so Far

Post by Enlightened » September 26th, 2014, 10:24 am

I have been practicing Astral Projection for the last 2 weeks. I am finally able to relax my body and maintain awareness as my body starts to fall asleep. I have a problem that I cant seem to get past. When I start to hear the vibrations if I focus on them they go away, if I ignore them they go away, I've tried to just observe them but they fade away. Does anyone have any advice on getting past this hurdle ?

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Re: So Close but so Far

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 27th, 2014, 10:33 pm

When I start to hear the vibrations if I focus on them they go away, if I ignore them they go away, I've tried to just observe them but they fade away.
Don’t focus on the vibrations. The vibrations are the cue that we are in the process of transitioning; however, they are not to be the central focus as they can become the distraction.

Deepening the trance condition should be the main focus; the immersion process. There are tons of ways to do this. But all of them involve shifting the awareness or the attention to that which is not coming from the physical.

Example of things that do not come from the physical:

1. Let go of the physical body! Feeling the onset of the out-of-body condition does not necessarily lead to a separation. Why? Because body that allows roaming in the astral dimensions first needs to be created, or more precisely transferred into. This body is the astral body. Can you imagine transferring the awareness into something else other than the physical body? Sounds rather strange don’t it? Yes, at first it can be. And as with most everything else there is a learning curve. This learning curve and the other things that can be made to happen in the astral dimensions and other non-physical states are linked to what I call “the psychic being”. In short, the psychic being has the compilation of integral memories and more, or in brief, a non-physical manifestation that holds the possibilities that are available therein. After deep thought, a reason or purpose that resonates with the authentic-self creates a vibration. This resonance from the psychic being, in the form of objective awareness, transfers into the astral body which at first is erratic and refuse to obey so to say, but in time it can be made to listen. When this is done successfully something special will happen indeed.

2. During the immersion process imagine a new set of hands, arms, or legs –the astral body, and focus with passive awareness. If there is no perception of the astral body, as with full paralysis, forget the vibrations, focus on lifting the new body from the area were the vibrations are the strongest. For instance, if the vibrations are felt in the hands, focus on a substance forming around the vibrations, this will be the astral body, and then expand this energy outwards into the invisible space. This invisible space is thought as unperceivable space since one cannot expand into something which one is not. But this standard assumption is a false assumption in the astral dimensions. One can generate a new body, or the perception of a new body, and expand the awareness into that energy body –this is psychic expansion, the kind required to roam free in the astral dimensions. By roaming free I also mean: without partial paralysis or restriction of movement; assuming the variables that facilitate projections are set to some standard. Since everyone unintentionally has a taste of the astral dimensions every single morning, minus the objective awareness of course, is it about training the psychic apparatus that allows for objectively-physical projections.

3. If the authentic-self requires the projections for whatever reason, constructed delays for whatever reason won’t stop the projections in the long run. It just is, but most don’t stay.

Example of the things that come from the physical:

1. known and unknown fear of the unknown, lol. It took me ages to get over this one.
2. Inexperience, anxiety
3. Distractions, priorities
4. Discomfort, external sounds
4. Energetic levels, REM juice, the list goes on and on.


All of the above can cause the vibrations to fade away prematurely.
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Re: So Close but so Far

Post by hydro1 » October 3rd, 2014, 6:02 pm

You must passively focus on the vibration, continue doing what you were doing to get to the vibration
Go hard or not at all

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