Close to an OBE/Maybe had one?

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Close to an OBE/Maybe had one?

Post by Komeko » July 12th, 2012, 12:43 am

I'm writing this post on behalf of Jettin's request.
I had an experience last night that I'm not really sure how to explain, so I'll just go step by step as I can recall it (this is a bit of an introduction as well).

So to start of, I'm dating someone very experienced in this field, he's been having OBE's since a child, but he's on a level where he can conciously (mentally and physically) manifest at any given point in which he chooses. After a couple of days of knowing each other, we got together and he was comfortable enough to introduce me to a reading by Alan B Wallace: Attention Revolution.... He's been studying shamatha and the stages of focused attention.
So by Googling the experiences listed in the book and the experiences that Justin has, I came across Astral Projection. I'm unsure if they're the same/similar thing but I've been going by both for about 2 months now. Back to the point, a couple days after dating, Justin combined our energies (I'm still unsure of how). Being at a distance, I find this to be an interesting yet scary blessing.

So after a couple months and trading energy and physical sensations, he sent a vast amount of his energy to my body last night as I wide awake texting him. His question to me was "Want to hang out in eight [a stage(1-10) in shamatha] for a bit? I'll make your energy hit eight [I'm categorized as 6] but as a condition you have to spend time on earth. Deal?"
And of course, I obliged. He responded with "It is done." and within a few seconds, my body felt as light as air rather than the stiff physical body I usually am. I couldn't feel my physical body at all, even while I was texting him, and I told him this. He responded with "You have a different body. Move your arm and detach it from your body." Now with all the techniques I've read I figured this would be a piece of cake but I just couldn't. Within a few moments, my cousin texted me, which didn't bother me because I was already texting Justin and I still felt like I wasn't laying in bed, but the contents of the text upset me and I felt myself going stiff. I tried to push the thoughts aside and felt my chest lighten once more. But this time on each inhale, I felt like a thread was sliding up against my throat again and again. I told Justin the unsettling sensation and he told me "You have too much weighing on you [mentally]" when just a few moments ago I was happy and carefree from feeling the airy sensations. So after a few minutes of still trying, we just let the experience subside and went to bed. He did tell me however that one day I would succeed.

What do you guys think of this? Any thoughts on the difference between shamatha/focused attention and AP if there is any?


Re: Close to an OBE/Maybe had one?

Post by Ryan » July 29th, 2012, 12:13 am

Hi Komeko,

I'm sorry that nobody has got to your post yet. It sounds like you had quite the experience.
I honestly don't know what Shamatha is, but it sounds like a wonderful tool to assist in projection and this gentleman you speak of sounds like has has very good control over himself. :)

With that said, the basics to initiating an astral projection is the reduction of physical sensory input and the increase of non-physical sensory input. To put it in another way... you've gotta ignore the physical and try to make the non-physical more enticing to your senses to lock onto.

From what you describe it sounds like you were shutting down/ignoring your physical senses well enough, all you needed to do at that point was continue that reduction... and then focus upon something else in your mind to bring your non-physical senses towards that. :)

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Re: Close to an OBE/Maybe had one?

Post by Jettins \o/ » July 29th, 2012, 2:04 am

Thanks thanks, great idea.e

I did speak to Komeko about it via the live chat :D

Good to see you active on the site again!
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