Dreaming of Signs

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Dreaming of Signs

Post by floating_hawaiian » December 9th, 2012, 12:05 am

This dream I had had several outstanding qualities that just screamed for lucidity, which is why I decided to post it on here for feedback and tips to help me attain lucidity. One of the qualities that it possessed was revisiting a site in one of my past drams, which is very very rare for me, if not one of the first times. It was a past dream where I went to skip school to go with these 2 other guys to go to the beach in dream-equivalent Waianae (West coast of Oahu, dry and ghetto and very local), but I thought we would get back to school in time to go to class. On the way to the beach we passed this touristy small hub/center with food and local residents. It was rather cramped and only one road through. It reminded me third-world ghettos I've seen in movies.

-At some point during my dream, I had came to revisit the place I dreamt of before. It was different, it had moved about 100-150 feet away more into the open, which had a huge impact on the town. Because it was more spacious it seemed more clean and less cramped. Because of that, it attracted more tourists which meant more food options and vendors. It was much more successful and happy now that it has settled to its new location. The man on the "stage" was commenting on that and I had walked over to the old location, where I had previously dreamt of. There were old tents and metal food holders, like the ones you would see at a buffet or what caterers would use for a party. It was all unwanted and there was there was no effort to completely clean up the old hub.

-Was at the the beach in the middle of the night with several people. I remember sitting down next to some and trying to chat but they got up and walked away.

-We had gone to the beach at night several times, but I can't recall them all. Nor can I recall all of the events that happened at the beach. I just know that prior to the proceeding events, I (we?) went to the beach several times. One of the beaches I visited may have been the site of my revisited dream. In the past dream I had of that area, I also had gone to the beach.

-I remember embarking to go to the beach. I can recall pulling out of the driveway and Cliff (my former foster dad) was driving and there were several people in the car. I remember thinking here begins the long journey, although the journey in the dream-logic only took little more than an hour.

-We got to the beach, but there were different pool tides that were separated by thin natural barriers, like rock/coral. The pools all had different shades of color, some were clearer than others. I had the feeling that these pools had different properties, different energies. I think they were symbolizing different things. As soon as we got there, I got out of the car and didn't hesitate to jump in. I was so eager to get in the water. This may have been my subconscious eager to see if would retain dual awareness, like I have in past dreams where I became lucid while swimming underwater. But this water was less clear than the water in my past dreams. I remember looking out to the ocean and wanting to jump in but for some reason did not. I might have tried, but I think I fell content with the pool tides.

-Before we got to the pool tides beach mentioned above, we had stopped off at another beach and went swimming. I can only recall this previous stop/beach because although I eagerly immediately jumped into the tide pool, I knew I had already went swimming. I cannot recall the place, events or people at the this stop, only that I know it exists. It's possible that this was when I visited the place of my past dream mentioned above.

-Now that I am recalling this dream, my consciousness was trying to get me to become lucid by intentionally inserting SEVERAL recurring dream elements here.

1) People of my past, Cliff, who was driving the car taking us to our destination. There is obviously some symbolism here that he was driving but it is too vague to draw any conclusions. The main thing is that I know it's there.
2) Incorporating a past dream in my dream, one that has changed and made progress but has still made an appearance.
3) Putting me in a situation where I have become lucid in the past. The dream where I became lucid while swimming underwater in crystal clear water was the second to last vibrations episode I had, over a month ago.
4) The very last vibrations episode was in a dream where I was at the beach in the middle of the night, alone. I though it would be a good time to try to OBE but was for a second worried about my safety on the beach, but just let that thought past.

Another dream sequence, I was on a bus watching a historical movie. It was about some war and how our Americans were able to slip past enemy defenses and secretly board a submarine and take it over, all without firing a single bullet. I saw outside of the bus a man trying to speak. He was telling me his personal tale of the account. He was a white man, in his late 20's or early 30's and in dream logic it made sense to me that he was old enough to have experienced it.

He told me how they were trying to find a way into the cliff on the coast of enemy territory. I had an map-image in my mind of a dream-country that made sense to me. After he told the story, I was able to experience and witness the entire thing myself. They boarded the sub and the soldiers rushed into the sleeping quarters. The sleeping quarters were just a row of beds/cots and the men rushed past them, one to a bed, pointed the guns at the sleeping enemies, woke them and took them prisoners. As I was watching this I was wondering if there were any way these soldiers could do anything to not become captives. The answer was no. There was no way they could have resisted, they were woken up from their sleep, groggy in a prone position with assault rifles holding them at gunpoint by soldiers who were completely ready for them. After the entire ordeal I had the sense that the soldiers who commandeered the sub had no idea what to do next.
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Re: Dreaming of Signs

Post by hydro1 » December 9th, 2012, 2:52 pm

Hmm it seems the beach is a very huge symbol in your dream...so i have this dream dictionary that can tell you what it mean..........Beach: to see the beach in your dream symbolize the meeting between you two states of mind. the sand is symbolic of the rational and mental processes while the water signfies the irrational, unsteady, and emotional aspect of yourself. it is a place of transition between the physical\material and spiritual.........to dream that you are relaxing on the beach, signifies that the coming weeks will be calm and tranquil for you. your stress will be alleviated and you will find peace of mind........but only you can really interpret you dreams...but if any of this hits on the head for you then maybe the book is something you should invest in it helps me alot.
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