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False Awakening theory

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False Awakening theory

Postby hydro1 » June 24th, 2012, 7:44 pm

As you all know i did anothe post on FAs, about them being about thing that would have happened on a day to day i'm back , because i took another aproach to it and now i'm wondering what if we are entering into out paralell counter parts at that moment and time we are trying to return to our real body, but we somehow switch places for that split second or sorta makes since were always seem to exp something that didn't happen here but it happened in a paralell universe..and we just happen to exp what didn't happen here there....i hope i'm getting thru to someone...i mean we always wanted to know about paralell universes..what if this is what we are paralell universes theres always a differ out come to what we from what we do here.
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