False awakings

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False awakings

Post by fgoad88 » October 19th, 2014, 1:39 am

How can i use false awakenings to lucid dream and astral project?

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Re: False awakings

Post by hydro1 » October 19th, 2014, 3:48 pm

False awAkenings are just dreams that you actually woke up and doing your daily routine
. It's no different from dreaming, so basically just do the same thing you would to induce a lucid dream from a regular dream
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Re: False awakings

Post by fairyana » October 21st, 2014, 2:14 pm

Lucid dream and astral projection require you to be aware of the situation you are in. Perhaps if every time you wake up you do a reality check, then when you false awake you might trigger a LD or AP. If you have many false awakenings this might just be a great LD/AP trigger for you.

What usually happens to me is that I have a false awakening after LD. So in my case, false awakenings wouldn't work cause I only have them after LDs.

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Re: False awakings

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 22nd, 2014, 2:05 pm

fgoad88 wrote:How can i use false awakenings to lucid dream and astral project?
Like Fairyana suggested, do a state check or reality check every morning upon waking. If you then find yourself doing this same action during the false awakening, you are in better position to become aware of the non-physical condition.
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