Found My Reoccurring Dream Element

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Found My Reoccurring Dream Element

Post by floating_hawaiian » November 29th, 2012, 7:35 am

Yesterday I was watching a Youtube video about lucid dreaming and one of the tips they had to offer to attain lucidity is to find reoccurring elements in dreams. Ever since, I've been thinking deeply about my own dreams and it's reoccurring elements. It wasn't a place, situation, color, feeling, time period, sensation or anything I could think of. I was in the midst of responding to Fairyana's post of her first astral projection experience when I began reviewing the elements of my own most lucid dream to date, where I was floating outside of a building after jumping from it, believing I was astral projecting, and experiencing the warmth of the sun on my skin astral-projection/dreaming-vibrations-part-t508.html. And I was thinking of my dream last night and it clicked!!

My reoccurring dream element are the people of my past! Its the only connection I can find and I dreamt of my friends last night, who were in my Dreaming of Vibrations Part 2 post. I found that my past foster parents of 7 years (whom I have no contact with anymore) and a couple of my close high school friends (who I speak to once in a blue moon) are the only people, and elements, that constantly reoccur in my dreams. I've never attained lucidity in with my foster parents but I do dream of them often enough. Hopefully now I can use this new found information to move forward with my dreams. Will be posting more in the future, this week seems to be a breakthrough for several people.

p.s. I also bought several crystals today, if that has any relevance. A smoothed Amethyst, rough cut Quartz, Sodalite and a really really pretty Selanite cut in the form of a pyramid. Im hpoping my new friends will be able to help me and just having them around seems to be enough.

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Re: Found My Reoccurring Dream Element

Post by hydro1 » November 29th, 2012, 4:43 pm

Hmmm yes....but my thing is in all my dreams recently i been in reoccuring dream....most of them feel like i've been in them before but i haven't....but if that don't work for you maybe you need to create your own thing/element or bring something into your dreams with you to remind you to become lucid....sort of like inception....jettins creating a post on this very subject maybe you should try to check it out or ask him about it cause i forgot what the post was called.....anyway i'm going to create my own element...that element will be water
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Re: Found My Reoccurring Dream Element

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 29th, 2012, 4:52 pm

Great idea floating_hawaiian, let us know how it works out for you. That excitement that you might feel form realizing what you dream trigger will be can magnify the probability of actually giving you lucidity. A discovery or realization that resonates as a personal truth is very valuable. I think it adds a sense of depth that resonates into the unconscious aspects of our mind.
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