Getting BAck on Track

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Getting BAck on Track

Post by floating_hawaiian » November 24th, 2012, 4:48 am

During the past 4-5 weeks or so, I've been losing focus of Astral Projection and it has been showing its results. It all started around the same time when I passively took part of an activity that I knew would lower my vibrations. I've not been recording my dreams (its just a habit that I need to mold) and up until 3-5 days ago, I haven't been able to remember them at all. Its been at least 3 weeks since I've had a vibrations episode. I feel that I'm having to start over and lose all of the progress that I've made, from the epitome of having 3-4 vibration episodes a week to having none at all. I try to use the WBTB method but the problem is I live in a small studio and my girlfriend stays up until early in the morning. I also started a new job at a steakhouse that offers free employee meals and I was a vegetarian up until I started working there. I cant turn down a free meal when there's little money in my pocket. I suspect that the GMO food and GMO fed beef there also contributed to my lack of vibrations.

I'm starting to remember my dreams again slightly and resumed my dream journals. Hopefully it wont take too long to get back to where I once was.

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Re: Getting BAck on Track

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 24th, 2012, 11:19 am

Floating_hawaiian wrote:I suspect that the GMO food and GMO fed beef there also contributed to my lack of vibrations.
I would agree with the above.

Only being able to have out-of-body experiences under unchanging conditions is the best way to be inconsistent. This happens because peak conditions for out-of-body experiences come in waves. Therefore the key is to learn to adapt to have OBE experiences when energy levels are lowered. This will take effort and the desire to keeping having them. The cycles change because of our decisions in life, this is understandable, life is not static. Some would suggest obsessing on ever increasing the energy levels. You can go this route as it’s a matter of style. To me it seems unnatural but this is just my personal opinion. Work with what you should.

On the positive side of things you changed your life a bit and you noticed the changes. This in itself is a gain you didn't have before you started. You also have the ability to recognize the vibration state as the onset of OBE experiences. This in itself can be very difficult for many others. Some of the immediate gains from the special vegetarian diet such as the vibrations might be gone, but what you have learned from it is not lost. Since your energy levels aren't as high as before now you need to learn to squeeze in an OBE or lucid dream here and there. It is how real skill and consistency will develop. You will probably have two choices: If you actively pursue you will find a way to bring back lucidity. If you get discouraged because it is not as easy as before you won’t.

What keeps me motivated is a sense of personal discovery and to keep investigating. This created a purpose that has permeated into my subconscious. It then helps creates the conditions for spontaneous lucidity in non-lucid dreams and bring me to awareness during the onset of out-of-body experiences automatically. During astral projection experiences we can get exposed to the aspects of our being that spawn across time. The question now is.. What is our being taking into the astral? We take who we are, we can guide this by creating intention and purpose, or by having a good reason to want to have them. The astral will reply back granting us lucidity if our purpose requires that it does. I'll give you a hint, if you find a way to embrace your spiritual side the astral might talk back to you in a personal way and off you go. That is, if your purpose was long lived.

Some wouldn't agree with me. They would say purpose (direction) and intention is not required. Even atheists can have conscious out-of-body experiences. This would be true. But if you then consider other things such as how long, how often and what type of experiences they have it would be another story. There are others that have frequent OBE experiences, yet they are not aware that their presently unknown direction requires it.

There is no time in the astral. The astral knows who we are before we find out ourselves. This is reflected by the behavior of our psyche (psychology) at any given point. Our psyche/our being/who we are become what we experience. The types of experiences we have, don't have, the places we go, don't go, the people we meet, don't meet, the inclinations we have, don't have, that things we need to learn about ourselves, don't learn of ourselves, etc.. are about who we are. Not everyone will need to experiences the consciously aware astral in advance, as simple as that. The reason for this is because they will create who they are in the physical system.

Have a great day!
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