How to summon and identify a Guide

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How to summon and identify a Guide

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 16th, 2011, 3:05 pm

In preparation to summoning a guide it is important to build expectation. A practical way to build this expectation is to decisively imagine a guide is behind you for a few seconds. This has to do with the sense of expectation and curiosity that we might feel as we "look behind" that is embedded in human Psyche, it can help create the atmosphere in the consciousness (the state of being) for a guide to manifest. You then turn around and the guide will be in front of you.

The quality or usefulness of a guide you encounter is directly related to your over all state of being. If you encounter a guide without intending to in a consciousness level, you’re over all state of being in a sense is ready for it. Ready for what you may ask, the answer is ready to make meaning of the message. Yet these types of experiences can and will adapt on to YOU, as they happen.

If you consciously summon a guide or if you encounter one unexpectedly this are the things u need to keep in mind…

If the guide retains its shape, behavior and stays on message, while everything around it starts to break down or visually change. This is caused by your own consciousness changing due to a variety of factors: questioning its legitimacy and feeling insecurity. An overall and mild sense of “fear” will distort these encounters. Yet the guide will remain on message though a few words could be out of place, it will only be your perception changing mostly in visual form. They might also follow or guide you from one scene or event to another.

These types of encounter can potentially become very significant and have greater learning potential. If you find yourself in this situation revert back to the sense of “trust” before you lose alignment with the experience. Losing alignment will cause you to wake up or transition to another experience. Do not confuse this with control as this rational will require more power to control and control to me implies that you intrinsically don’t have control. Instead it is more of an alignment (correct relative position) by your overall state of being and the experience itself. In this type of encounter subconscious influences are affecting the outcome of this experience.

If the guide itself changes its shape and/or behavior and goes off message, while everything around changes according to your expectations. These types of guides I have discovered are the most common. You’re overall state of being becomes the driver of the experience. In this type of encounter subconscious and unconscious influences are more predominant. These types of experiences have a general feeling of being your own.

Either way it is not possible to bypass our subconscious and unconscious as they are in a sense, the building blocks of the the one who is experiencing, but we can become in alignment to the level of being required. To have an incredible experience it might not always be possible to change your overall sense of being by simply “wishing” for a higher self. Because you’re overall state of being also includes unintentional baggage that you are carrying that can be detrimental or advantageous for high level encounters. It is possible to summon guides and have amazing learning experiences, but only if truly feel ready. (more on state of being… non-physical-reality/the-phase-workshop-t166.html#p362)

I will not get into the significance and implications of stable/unstable guides their source and possible meaning in this post. But it would be something interesting to add later on.

I feel ready and I still don’t have them you may ask. In this situation you might not be learning, or stagnated in the same thinking. Connect to yourself by stimulating your creativity in a way that feels true to you. This will unlock new experience.

Have a great day! :D
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How to summon and identify a Guide

Post by Summerlander » November 16th, 2011, 3:58 pm

I think guides can be very useful/helpful. I might even get one. I've been invited by Michael Raduga to take part in an experiment where I am to enter the phase and look for or summon an angel. I might just ask this angel to be my friend apart from asking him for food.

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