massive tingles and shivers hair on end amazing feeling?

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massive tingles and shivers hair on end amazing feeling?

Post by wettstein » October 25th, 2012, 12:10 am

I can induce massive tingles and shivers hair stands on end and I can get goose bumps all over my body but its really easy to get on my arms its an amazing feeling?

I get it anytime I want but I have to focus to get it on command but if I want it without trying I can get it by talking with people in a way where I was giving that I was aware of them and I felt compassion towards them.

I also get it a lot now just talking about it as I am right now getting mad tingles it start in my spine and travels out like electricity its in some ways more intimate and awesome then sex but not at all sexual.

I have had this all my like but not this strong and not so often until I cleaned up my diet

I went to a doctor about this and other things related to this and they said stress and anxiety I said but I am not and it feels good so if this is stress I want to loose my job and have roommates

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Re: massive tingles and shivers hair on end amazing feeling?

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 25th, 2012, 7:45 pm

ok, Now that you got the doctors out of the way you can put those tingles to good use. If you are interested in having conscious out-of-body experiences you might like to read this post, i think it will resonate to you. -> attaining-lucidity/improve-obe-ability-t416.html

After that you might like to read this other post --> newbie-void-beginner/technique-for-ever ... -t464.html

I wonder what would happen if you induce those tingling sensations as you attempt to do DEILD. Read over the above posts and follow the links. It's important you understand the concepts very well, it will be a good base to start. Dream exit induce out-of-body experiences are likely to work for so do your best to understand it very well. If you put it to use you might be able to feel separations in your dream states several times a week. If you have any question let us know.

Have a great day!
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