nitrous-oxide effects and comas

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nitrous-oxide effects and comas

Post by hydro1 » May 31st, 2012, 12:00 pm

i was wondering when under the influence of this gas is it easier to enter into an AP exp...and if so then why is it most people dont remember the exps..i thought all AP exp are memorable...also is using NO back to back dangerous in anyway..if not then i think we found an good AP source....also when in a coma is it possible to be living a doubled life...and that is possibly why most people when the awaken months or years later they cant remember their phhysical life...i know they say its a brain thing..but it could be that the reason they dont remember is because they been in the astral so the astral a day is like a thousand years think what a month or a year would add up to... hell in that time they could of created another life meet new people..this is just my theories.
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Re: nitrous-oxide effects and comas

Post by leafylassy » January 28th, 2013, 11:31 pm

Indeed, I once had an extremely intense astral projection (or at least what seemed like astral projection to me) inhaling a nitrous oxide balloon whilst peaking on mushrooms and mdma. I had no idea what astral projection was before hand...

My body felt numb with slight electric tingles all over and a slight tugging sensation all over my bottom half. With my eyes closed in a meditative state I saw a beautiful woman in the center of my vision, she was made up of thousands if not millions of golden bright stars and galaxies. Admiring the vivid visuals, It took me a few seconds to recognise that this woman was identical to myself...but her presence was totally warrior-like/godess-like I think I freaked a little and tried to deny it... The moment I had that thought, my astral soul self exploded into trillions of firey fragments (I hope I didn't scare my astral self away by doubting myself?!), I swear I have never seen or been able to imagine an explosion so big. I was suddenly flying at the speed of light (I felt the force in my stomach) and came to our planet and zoomed in. As I came closer into land I noticed that the shapes of continents and geography were very different to our present earth, closer I caught glimpses of dinosaurs and very pre-historic looking vegetation. Next I find hard to remember details or describe in words... it was like I had a huge rush of adrenalin/fear and I felt a huge sense of vulnerability, helplessness and that my survival was at threat. I recall being chased by some sort of predator (of seemingly very high intelligence) in the jungle, all I can say is that everything started to get really fuzzy (At the same time I remember repeatedly telling myself this is really important I must take this information back with me) and I became extremely quite drowsy. So I had gone from a state of total utter bliss and awe to one of impending doom.

This reminds me of recurring dreams I had as a child about colliding forces of so called "good" and "evil", symbolic of ying yang, life death, masculine feminine ... so on. I repeatedly dreamed that there two trains full of opposite emotions/energy/essence and the good force was running from the bad force until they collided together and exploded. This dream had a similar vibe/feeling compared to that in my astral projection trip.

I am not advocating these substances, they are damaging and dangerous when used irresponsibly. It is a huge challenge to distinguish hallucination from reality, though I do feel that when psychoactive drugs are used with caution and respect they can be used as spiritual tools and lessons that will help guide one through the spirit world as a teacher. I am a little torn as I want to believe that my soul and this spirit world may exist but my rational thinking keeps rejecting it as real. I want to go there again just to gain a little more insight into it all, so any tips of astral projection would be greatly appreciated as I know next to nothing about them.

"First you have the 4-HO-DMT from the mushrooms. This enhances consciousness and tends to move it to ego detachment. It is derivative of DMT, a neurotransmitter released in quantity at the moment your brain starts to work (in the womb) and when it shuts down, at your death.

Nitrous oxide is an anaesthetic drug, a drug that actually suspends consciousness which is a dissociative, dissociating the mind from the body until in the deeper stages consciousness is lost entirely.

One would expect all these detachments to sometimes synergize and produce OOBE and indeed this is often what is reported." - taken from person on

May I add that I find MDMA intensifies the mushroom visuals and vibrancy tenfold, sometimes so clear that I cannot see past the hallucinations with my eyes open. I find this combo really numbs my brain (just I feel during a few hours of meditation) but I am still totally aware, alert and functionable... (I know this is cheating but I believe that life is too short to take risks!) I'd be interested to know more about how their interaction together effects the brain.

Nitrous oxide can be dangerous used in high doses as it depletes your B12 but this can be supplemented to some degree but do be careful... I have also heard that it can be bad for your vision and hearing. I believe that if you don't dilute the nitrous mix with enough oxygen (or take breathes inbetween) it can make you pass out or suffocate at the worst.

I have had 3 hallucinations on nitrous that were all completely different yet extremely spiritual, life-changing and profound.

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Re: nitrous-oxide effects and comas

Post by PauliEffect » January 29th, 2013, 7:13 am

NO gives brain damages also in small doses. Nurses who have been administrating NO
over some years, have a higher degree of damages than the rest of the population.

Please look things up with professionals.

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Re: nitrous-oxide effects and comas

Post by fairyana » January 29th, 2013, 3:10 pm

I don't advise using anything in order to reach AP. It's always best to learn it sober and clean, not taking or inhaling anything. I believe if one uses some substance to aid AP, it makes it harder to do it without that aid because you're not really training your body and mind for it, rather that's taking a short cut and inducing you body with substance. It's not a worthwhile shortcut in my opinion.

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