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NonPhysical Overlays

This is for discussion of general Astral Projection & Out-of-body Experiences related topics.
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NonPhysical Overlays

Postby uMonk » November 11th, 2011, 4:54 am

Now, i am used to perceiving information in meditation/obes ,or through hypnagogics, or even sound hallucinations for a split second when i wake up. but what happend last night was strange to say the least, i dimmed the lights and went to lie down n listen to a radio interview on my bed, after closeing my eyes for a few minutes i casually opened them only to find a pair of pants floating above and 2 feet away from me, i was surprised as you'd expect, i was not in SP i was fully awake, i blinked a few times to see if it would dissappear but it remianed in view for atleast 5 seconds and then "faded out"..... the rest of the evening was a bit odd too, including hearing a voice call my name now and then... i managed to get to sleep a few hours later as i had to get up the following morning... but last night really felt as if i was in two worlds, firmly secure in physical reality.. but open to non physical or subconscious information at the same time... i have never taken drugs... i dont smoke, or drink, and generally have a healthy diet and a sound mind.

has anybody else experienced Non physical or subconscious data during waking life? and i mean waking life.. not SP or hypnagogics... please let me know, many thanks. :)

Edit: maybe it was a new form of hypnagogics? one that appears when you are relaxed but not sleepy, i remember i moved to check i wasnt in SP and i blinked a few times, and yet the image remained.... hmmm its all just data anyways right, everything is one. it was a new type of experience for me though.

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