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Master roshi
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Post by Master roshi » February 18th, 2016, 12:49 am

I see the word planes used a lot when people talk about OBE's. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on what they are and share their experiences in different planes etc. I think that in general lower planes are more blurry and we are less aware in them and its the opposite for higher planes.
Recently, I've been having dreams in which I feel I am very mechanical or zombie-like. I feel no emotions, I'm always on some type of mission or trying to get from point A to point B. Also, despite all the absurd things that happen in them, I just can't for the life of me seem to point them out and go wait a minute this is a dream! And gain any kind of lucidity. I m too deep in some sort of trance and my subconcious leads the story and it ends up being very weird but I think it's also been pointing out a couple of problems in my life. I won't go too much in details about the dreams or the problems in this post, the purpose of this post was to learn more about planes and ask: Are these dreams (which count as OBE, right?) Happening on lower planes? Im led to believe this cause of the lack of coherence and the bluriness? What can I do to reach higher planes?

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Re: Planes

Post by fairyana » February 18th, 2016, 2:59 pm

Hi Roshi. We can say planes, realms, dimensions... From what I understand there are an infinitude of dimensions and we usually end up in dimensions that accepts our level of awareness. It's as if our consciousness tunes into a different data stream and that stream is one compatible to the frequency of our consciousness. So if we are in a dream, it's one low level data stream and it's very much limited by our own thoughts, our psyche... It's a very interesting plane, the dream plane, because it tells a lot about ourselves and our lives, as you mentioned. When we exercise our awareness, we are able to go into "higher" planes. We manage to get into lucid dreams, which is a next level. In lucid dreams we are kind of half way in a dimension still very much influenced by our psyche and thoughts, but also opening up more to dimensions that are external to your consciousness, that are "out there". They key is exercising awareness, and learning to clear your mind of your own thoughts really helps you experience things that are external to your mind in the astral, that's why meditation is good. It's great that you remember your dreams. Try on a daily basis to do reality checks and it'll help you achieve lucid dreams. Also, see something recurring in your dreams and you can use that as a lucid dream trigger.

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