Stuck on a visual

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Stuck on a visual

Post by Braveheart » December 22nd, 2011, 12:30 am

This morning I was able to have an OBE whilst in my girlfriend's parked car. It completely intentional and to my surprise worked out just the way I wanted it to, without any form of obstacles. Unfortunately, once I sat up from my body I wanted to confirm that I was phased so I glanced at the Digital clock on the Radio. As soon as I did this, I noticed no numbers on the clock confirming that I was out but I couldn't seem to pull my attention away from the clock. It was as if my sight was literally locked on the clock. I continued to focus on pulling away but the harder I tried the more I could feel my self slipping out of the experience. Finally, I was able to pull my self away only to wake up. *sigh*
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Stuck on a visual

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 29th, 2011, 4:58 pm

Hello braveheart,

I can imagine the experience happening from your description. This sort of unusual thing happens. I have noticed that strange effects diminish over time. When you have more time on other realities your learned expectation helps stabilize your experience.

In my earlier out of body experience, I found myself during the majority of my experiences feeling like a point of consciousness without a discernible sensation of having a body and it took more concentration to move. Now, my body is solid to semi-transparent and I move about with a comfort.

Now to go back to your experience, you said you intended to look at the clock and to your surprise it worked. Bringing this occurrence to the surface of your mind might be sufficient to trigger more experiences later. Yes, common sense, but what someone else might have not realized is that it unlocks personalized experiences based on the accumulation of sequential intent, by doing this you are able to access information that is not linear based (linear based is surface ego driven or waking thought), but experienced based (no time/space driven, subconscious+more?). In other words you might access out of sequence information that you need to experience that became the accumulated intent that turned into understanding and then loops again. In the end, it is really just a path (chosen by intent and generated by state of being), if we SEE it by intending it (during AP), we can create it, if we cannot see, we are oblivious.. I want to follow my own way and for that I need to SEE. It seems to me that my intent to figure how this CAN work unlocks new puzzle pieces.

Someone could say, well you are not unlocking, you are creating it because you believe it. There is a fundamental problem for someone who has not experienced since in the out of body condition the reality we experience is our reflection of our being. So the real question is, what does it really mean to create? it means nothing, it is a mirage that dissolves away unless you create and sustain it yourself. You might start to see the implications of entering a possible collective reality in 4th density or entering our own psychological universe, we might not even be able to use the word psychological to encapsulate its implications. Much more can be said on this, I will try to fill in gaps.

Have a great day!
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