subtle bodies

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Master roshi
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subtle bodies

Post by Master roshi » March 3rd, 2016, 2:37 am

I recently learned of the subtle bodies and their functions. Knowing that the etheric body is closer to the physical than the astral body, wouldn't it be easier to do some kind of exercises to stimulate it before attempting to do so for the astral body, which is further away? Atleast for a beginner. If this is correct, would anybody know of any good exercises I can do to get in touch with my subtle bodies? Or exercises to simply get me started off on spiritual growth? I don't know where it all starts, and it doesn't seem easy. I feel slightly overwhelmed right now, like I'm lost in a vast, infinite field of nothing and supposed to build a castle.

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Re: subtle bodies

Post by hydro1 » March 3rd, 2016, 3:43 pm

The best I can say is pick them off one by one searching the site for any techniques that's why we differentiate them Obe (for etheric projections) and Astral projection (for higher plains of existence), but basically they both use the same techniques to achieve them, the difference is when you exit the body if you wanna get to the etheric plain(physical plain), you should exit when your vibration/frequency is low, and to reach the higher plains(Astral),you should exit wje the vibrations/frequency is high, at least that how I precieve it. There's no other way I can see to tell the difference in subtle bodies than that.

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