Sweat without Emotions?

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Sweat without Emotions?

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 24th, 2011, 2:53 pm

<Wyvern> Example:
<Wyvern> When we get nervous or scared, we sweat.
<Wyvern> If you take away the emotion, can you perceive the feeling of sweating? Not on your skin, but what makes
it happen.
<Wyvern> Another example would be when your heartrate speeds up.
<Wyvern> Like when you're really stressed. Take away the emotion. Can you perceive it?
<Wyvern> Can you make yourself sweat without emotion?
<Wyvern> Can you increase or decrease your heartrate?
I haven't done any specific research on this, but these are my initial thoughts..

I think sweating is a biological response to stimuli, stimuli requires processing information by the physical senses. The physical senses then trigger the nervous system controlled by the brain to release sweat. This process is automatic and doesn't require a conscious effort to do.

Now to answer your question we would try to isolate emotions from the variables and attempt to cause sweating. Physically this can be done for example, by clearing the mind and meditating in a hot room, or physiologically it could be done in a dream state where no external stimuli from the physical senses are affected.

In the hot room situation, a person might be able create a new sense of being conduit to allow understanding on how sweat could be generated outside of a hot room. This sounds very strange, but if you take into account that masters are able to disable pain purely with the power of the mind, then it is logical to assume that it is possible to control at least some aspects of our biological responses. In other words, someone could learn how to release sweet by thought alone as someone could learn to disable pain. Same applies for the heart rate.

In the dream situation, a person could attempt to trigger sweet by entering a "hot dream room". IN this case it would be purely physiological, since the hotness is being created in the mind alone and NOT a biological response to external physical stimuli. If sweating can be created in a dream state, we could argue that a physiological or mental response (intentional or unintentional) creates sweating, at least partially. There is also the purely instinctual response that would be very difficult to isolate (response to heat/cold/pain). This inability to isolate could be the reason why it would be so difficult to master such feats.

In the end, it might not be possible to isolate emotion since emotion is also tied to a physiological process, but it might be possible to change it. A type of emotion that is felt as fear initially, but manifested into the reserve would cause a paradigm shift allowing perceiving of a totally new emotion/sensation. A sense of stress being turned into a sense of deep relaxation causing a reduce heart rate, as a master could turn presumed pain into a sense of calmness.

Have a great day!
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Sweat without Emotions?

Post by Stephan » December 24th, 2011, 3:45 pm

Thanks for your answer. It wasn't so much a question of whether or not it was possible, though I do appreciate the thoughts.

I was asking whether or not you personally could perceive the processes behind emotions. (This is Wyvern, by the way)
It's something that happens with emotions or response to a stimuli. It's like a different category of feelings because there is no emotive quality, only a quality of purpose. As early as Elementary school I could recall trying to understand these feelings and isolate them from their stimuli or emotion so I could induce them at will. I've just yet to meet anyone else who could even perceive it.

Can be "useful" for sweating, creating or disabling pain, controlling heartrate, remembering and forgetting.
I called this Process Capturing.

Something similar, Emotion Capturing, would isolate fleeting emotions or states of mind to induce later. Sometimes there is an overlap between process capturing, or at least, it feels like there is. These tend to be more useful as capturing states of mind can improve your abilities in certain areas. The difficulty comes from how fleeting the emotions can be (them appearing for very short periods of time and at random), and having enough time to perceive and dissect them in the first place.
You could induce moods that facilitate learning, falling asleep, confusion (repeat forgetting process over and over ;p), etc.

And the more you capture and understand and map out your mind, then you can induce things you haven't even experienced yet, or maybe wouldn't want to experience. Ex. Fainting, causing sensory overload.
Though, sometimes an overwhelming and painful experience can provide you with more to capture.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much research or writing there is on the subject. I don't read books on this kind of thing. It's something I've played around with and experimented with for years. Many people are enamored with the idea of "unlocking potential", and I understand how. What I don't know is how to teach people to perceive these processes and states in the first place. Perhaps via meditation and building on awareness...

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