The futur of Ast.projection in the evolution of humans

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The futur of Ast.projection in the evolution of humans

Post by barrakkooda » June 7th, 2016, 2:08 am

HI everyone , I'm new here. So, THat's a couple of years now I'm doing nocturn expeditions at first, I thought I was alone. I searched for answers and found ALOT of crap and fake, but I stumble on Monroe and when He wrote about vibrations, I knew. Now, I'm happy that slowly and in a discret way our number is growing. That said, the topic not about my life, I'm curious what you ppl think about the futur of our evolution knowing that we have a ''hidden'' ability. Sadly, the greater number not ready to really believe in that but its growing and won't fade. What is the place of ''projecting our consciousness'' in our futur society. Also, I didn't have the chance to connect with a being out of this world but knowing that I can travel near instantaneously, I would not be surprise that first contact happen this way.

Master roshi
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Re: The futur of Ast.projection in the evolution of humans

Post by Master roshi » June 8th, 2016, 1:49 pm

I think the internet has helped with introducing people to lucid dreaming and astral projection but I don't think we're going to evolve the whole race towards being able to naturally project their conciousness. People will be people, we r all individuals going through different things, some evolve their conciousness fast, and some go backwards.

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Re: The futur of Ast.projection in the evolution of humans

Post by fairyana » June 9th, 2016, 2:20 pm

I've been thinking about the evolution of consciousness these days. Life on earth started as a primitive, probably self aware, single celled organism and I believe that was the start of the evolution of the expression of consciousness in this physical dimension. These organisms evolved into more complex living things as the expression of consciousness evolved itself and we are the result of all that evolution. So, the way I see it, in the future, whatever the most evolved beings will be (a humanoid of some sort or more evolved humans) will have a more expanded, evolved consciousness than we have now, not only in terms of what that consciousness will be able to do, but also morally. I envision this evolved consciousness as one that is easily able to access the greater consciousness system (God) which is how all psychic phenomena work (so all would have psychic abilities), astral project, have no barrier towards remembering past lives, just have a more expanded consciousness.

That said, the real evolution will be on the quality of consciousness, or morality, not so much on its powers. In order to evolve the quality of consciousness, one doesn't need to be an astral explorer. We can evolve just fine here in the physical dimension. Also there are many who do astral travel and don't evolve because they use it just as a sport, not to learn and evolve. But if you do use astral travel to evolve your consciousness as well as in everyday waking life, that's definitely a plus. :-)

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