Back again for some more fun!

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Back again for some more fun!

Post by Pac » November 4th, 2013, 3:36 am

Haven't visited the forum in a long time - have had a look now and again but never logged on for some time. Life has been pretty busy lately, and I guess that's just another distraction. It seems that I get a sudden interest to try and explore my inner self, then there are months were I am head high in school work and in life as normal. I am moving into a cabin soon, so I won't be interrupting my family during early hours of the morning when 'experimenting'.

Can't wait to get back into it but I have a feeling I'll have to concur my old problems whilst trying to visit the astral. I have a big problem with setting my alarm, then I try to sleep but know I have to wake up at early hours of the morning and can not sleep because of that thought so I turn my alarm off. It is a very bad problem, and want to know if anyone has felt the same way or has done the same.

During the summer holidays, I'm hoping to visit our local 'Sensory Deprevation Tank' center in the city. I am guessing a lot of you guys would know what they are. Well known as 'float tanks' - I don't want to explain it because I don't have much knowledge on it myself so have some research on it ... pretty interesting stuff. Drugs have also crept into my life - marijuana. I'm also considering doing shrooms, or 'magic mushrooms'. A lot of my friends are experimenting with that and I want to hear all your opinions on that matter; might start a debate.

I hope to stick around a little longer this time.

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Re: Back again for some more fun!

Post by hydro1 » November 4th, 2013, 6:08 pm

well welcome back I. I never heard of SDTs. also it is a bit hard for me too with the alarms thing except once it wakes me I finds it hard to go back down at times to induce a projection, you know cause you well rested and fully awake by then at least for me it is.
but jettins said that's the best time to induce, but still it always feel to forced to me to go back down. however I have smoked weed too it sends me out my body more then when i'm sober from it altho it sends you to the lower realms of the astral, where you can't do much or even realize you even out of body. so I understand where you coming from for the most part.
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