I am new here and get used to this forum.

Welcome to AstralVoid.com, this is the perfect place to help other members get to know you. You could also let us know what your intentions are, this will help us determine how best to relate to you.
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Hi please write a little bit about your self for so the other members can get to know you. Also lets us know what are your intentions, this will help us determine how best to help you at your current level of understanding. Feel free to post your Questions on the Newbie Void to get started! Have a great day!
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I am new here and get used to this forum.

Post by ezymel » May 17th, 2015, 9:45 pm

I find this a unique forum because it is not like any other forum I experienced. I think that it is nicely laid out but very crowded with lots of posts. I particularly like the soft background color which is easy on the eyes. I was exploring here and there and I know I will not reach everyone. Who I am? I'm 76 years old and have quite a few physical problems and lots of continual pain. I'm married and have 2 daughters who live elsewhere. Both are grown up. Me and my wife live near Seattle but in a suburban area. I like this State of WA very much and never have seen so much green in my entire life. All I can say it is beautiful. I will live here forever but how long, I wouldn't know. Aging does have it's drawbacks and parts wear out and either replaced or make the best of it. One of my daughters live about 1 hour from me and my other in So. CA. I try to keep myself busy but doing anything that requires any exertion, I fall short. I have a BS degree in Vocational Education and graduated at USCLB. My vocation was in electronics and computer technology. I worked in research and development of new commercial products, field engineering, and chip technology. I can honestly say it was fun. I also taught part time and enjoyed it very much. The only problem I encountered were trying to teach other cultures and even high school seniors who just needed credits to gradualte. While I was in the service, my primary job was radio communications. I went to training in Biloxi, MS from Lackland AFB, San Anonio, TX, transferred to Rekavik, Iceland, back to Little Rock, Ark., then to Japan and Philippines and finally discharged to go home. I almost went to Vietnam but luck was on my side. Basically, all our troops went there. At the end of my career in electronics and computers, I became disabled due to a few back and neck surgeries. I got a grant to go to a 2 year program in cardiovascular technology. The first year was easy but the second year which I chose was to be in a cardiovascular lab where heart catheters are performed. The stress was so great and demanding. The doctors would get on the nurses and they in turn took it out on us who were interns. Look out when they did! :cry: Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn't put pressure on a patients groin where the catheter is pulled out as I had to hold it there for 20 minutes. The strain was so great as my arms really hurt from arthritis. The nurses watched me and kept checking if I was OK. I tried to cover it up but the time came when I had to reveal the problem. I did graduate though but couldn't get hired in a cath lab. I tried to get into doing ECG's and stress testing but no dice. I then had an opportunity by a grant to go to Paralegal school and enjoyed it much. To get a job in this field was nearly impossible. You had to be a pretty blond, lady to get in. I'm not kidding. :mrgreen: So there it went and I applied for disability benefits which turned into social security. So, there it is, my bio. Sometimes I tend to write too much and whether some will get bored or agitated, I hope not. These are my true events.

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Re: I am new here and get used to this forum.

Post by hydro1 » May 19th, 2015, 11:35 am

Nice to meet you , and welcome to our forum. So what has brought you into wanting to experience Astral projection? We will help you the best we can, and hope to hear your experiences about Astral projection.
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Re: I am new here and get used to this forum.

Post by fairyana » June 5th, 2015, 4:37 pm

Hello! Nice to meet you ezymel. Just like Hydro, I'm also curious as to your interests in astral projection. Have you ever had any experiences with that or are you just starting out?

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