5- Astral Assistance

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Re: 5- Astral Assistance

by fairyana » November 11th, 2013, 12:14 pm

Interesting! Thanks.

Re: 5- Astral Assistance

by Jettins \o/ » November 9th, 2013, 7:52 pm

Yeah. I changed the MS word document to make the point easier to understand but then I forgot to update the post. I meant to say: there is a bottom double line regarding the chances of terrestrial liberation.

I made the comment for the Buddhists and Hindus mostly. Double lines, or two underlying factors (or bottom lines) that determine if a consciousness reaches terrestrial liberation.

One line being what Waldo suggests, and the second mutually inclusive line written in the ancient teachings.

Re: 5- Astral Assistance

by fairyana » November 8th, 2013, 2:36 pm

Hi Jettins! I'm a little lost in your comment, sorry. Could you explain to me what you mean by "there is a bottom line regarding the chances of terrestrial liberation"?

5- Astral Assistance

by Jettins \o/ » November 7th, 2013, 6:57 pm

Waldo Vieira wrote:Excerpt from – Astral Assistance (Chapter 5) – Waldo Vieira – July 24, 1979

The psycho-soma (astral body) is a condenser of cosmic energies (psionics in parapsychology). Emission of denser energy is used to assist psychotic postmortems (each-bound spirits), as well as to reduce the density of the astral body while projected. With time, one becomes accustomed to living with both the dense body and the subtle astral body…

I walked down one of the commercial avenues for quite a while, strolling among people and examining the street scenes – particularly in places with lights and small gatherings of people, like bars and night club entrances…

At the end of the main street in a small square with a few trees and benches, I came across an extra-physical consciousness who looked like a doctor. His name came to mind. Strong, athletic-looking and appearing to be about forty-five years old, he was attending to some extra-physical consciousness (astral beings) needing assistance. That stretch of street seemed better lit than the others…

Upon exchanging mental messages with him, he quickly explained to me that his routine work was helping the needy. At night, the specialized task becomes intense as extra-physical consciousness, especially sick ones, enter into contact with sleeping persons. Each assistant is that work takes care of a defined area of service…

The doctor revealed plans to expand the assistance with the use of projected companions, creating a larger assistance team. This special brigade would be used for mainly nighttime assistance services in specific place in one of the poorly lit and deserted cross streets, where their services would be centralized….

He told me that the least pleasant aspect was that some intra-physical as well as extra-physical consciousness refused to be assisted. Sometimes, they don’t even want to be approached, rejecting the extra-physical assistants.

Before saying goodbye, Calmene appeared to concentrate and, as an exercise in mental concentration, offered me a small message regarding ideal assistance.

“Every act of social assistance, no matter how small, signifies fraternity, is productive and deserves praise. Any kind of human assistance is better than none. Nevertheless, the ideal social assistance has its own unmistakable universalistic characteristics.

It is not official since it is spontaneous.

It is not a tax-deductible donation.

It does not have a professional tittle.

It has no secondary or political intentions.

It does not back a personal image or cultivate myths.

It does not encourage segregation of any kind.

It is not restricted by prejudice.

It does not expect gratitude nor require public understanding.

It does not disseminate the act of assistance, regardless of circumstances.

It is the donation of one’ self – simple, pure and the direct – without mediation, demands or conditions. And everyone can practice it in silence. Happy are those who learn the universalistic principle: maximize fraternity, over-come taboos and perform universalistic assistance while still in a human life. In this way, they first receive the benefit of terrestrial liberation on the way to higher levels.

Waldo seems to be suggesting that there is a double line regarding the chances of terrestrial liberation. But isn’t it somehow assumed that this kind of involvement actually does the exact opposite? I give mad props to Mr. Vieira for being able to glimpse something that is so easily overlooked, and that does not get repeated enough times by those that supposed to be in the know. Who’s the one that implied that it can be skipped? Man, this person was either something special or was seriously misunderstood, or likely both.

Everything applies to me too, I'm not immune to any of it.