Anchoring yourself to prolong the non Physical Dream State

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Anchoring yourself to prolong the non Physical Dream State

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 21st, 2011, 9:31 pm

Wikipedia wrote:During normal decision-making, anchoring occurs when individuals overly rely on a specific piece of information to govern their thought-process. Once the anchor is set, there is a bias toward adjusting or interpreting other information to reflect the "anchored" information.
We can use it to our advantage, this simply means focusing our consciousness on things we can do that encourage staying in the dream state, or the state of consciousness that produces them.

Have you noticed in you normal dreams that you might wake up when the dream appears to have ended, or the dream story hits a 'wall', when progression of the story appears to have no purpose left? This is common in normal dreams as I have realized.

In Lucid Dreaming it takes another form, you can lose yourself in the story of the dream by becoming overly involved and sometimes loosing lucidity altogether. There are subconscious and unconscious influences that effect our perceived awareness or lucidity during our experiences at a given time, these affect how we process information, intentions, etc.. this is another variable that we need to keep in mind (more on this in other posts). There is no magic to anchoring (methods to prolong), yourself in the dream state because of this variant that is driven by other mechanisms outside our awareness, but don't lose hope, there are things that can 'sometimes' be done to increase the sense of purpose and thus the progression of the story.

These 'techniques' in effect change how we focus our awareness, it makes it so that we are able to perceive more information. But we aren't really perceiving more information in the sense that we can process more of it through our inner senses, it simply means to become more consciously aware of it. To do this, get involved by being analytical about what is perceived by your inner sense, while simultaneously keeping your emotions balanced. In other words, be careful about not being able to control growing interests that might be driven by emotions. This is not always easy to do when you encounter something unexpected, so having personal experiences is key to improving. The following is a list of things that can be done that can help you come to terms with your own self to find your anchor.

1. Prolonging the dream by actively staying involved:
Having a set intention of a thing you want to do when Lucid is a good way to create a purpose, and thus possibly prolonging an experience if carried out. Ex. Engaging in short conversations and asking questions, going to a new visual scape, looking for a someone. You can become deeply involved in a situation, but its critical to stay calm.

2. Stimulating your inner senses by looking, touching, and analyzing objects and situations.
Rubbing the palms of your hands against each other, rolling your body side to side with the intention of stabilizing the visual scene. Look at the visual details of a scenery and allow yourself to become immersed by it. Pick up an object to feel and see its detail.

Keeping these ideas is mind could be the difference between finishing an important situation or not. The required mental control to prolong can be trained if you keep these ideas in mind. Stay calm and create purpose, a plan of action if you will. One last thing I would like to mention is the following...

Picking up and object, analyzing, realizing what it is, etc.. can also help cause changes in your state of being, it can expand your awareness to a new state of enhanced awareness, in effect allowing you to visually process/experience other levels of being. What others might refer to the 'Astral Realms', I prefer to call them "Conscious states of Being". More on this in other posts. I will link to this post as I write them.

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Anchoring yourself to prolong the non Physical Dream State

Post by Nicklebrick » December 27th, 2011, 9:37 pm

Some good information in here.
My lucid dreams normally vary anywhere from 30 mintutes up to 3 hours.
Only once did i start to lose Lucidness in a dream unwillingly, i saved this dream by running... yes, running
Just even if you just lost it imagine your DB running as fast as he can, try to feel the movement within yourself (Vertigo, without actually moving) and keep it up untill you chain back into your dream body.
and always remid yourself that it is a dream and never stop being awareness, as soon as you start losing awareness, you start losing Lucidity.

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Re: Anchoring yourself to prolong the non Physical Dream Sta

Post by livingnow » September 15th, 2015, 9:11 pm

It's interesting that vertigo feeling but without the accompanying anxiety
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