Triggering Lucidity - Secondary Approach

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Triggering Lucidity - Secondary Approach

Post by Jettins \o/ » July 13th, 2012, 3:38 pm

Thoughts – Triggering Lucidity - Secondary Approach

Because there was a gap in consciousness this secondary approach becomes of the most importance.

astral-projection-experience/visiting-g ... -t405.html
Nothing particularly interesting on the above link post, but it does show a little bit of the flow on how experiences can happen. Our thoughts can sometimes carry into our dreams and help trigger lucidity. But not just any thought or the thought of "I want to become lucid" no no, this doesn't work well. It should be be a particular thought ALREADY associated with the Astral Reams. These associations are attained by experiencing the immersion process into trance states, I will explain in this post. There are also deeper things going on in this process which are Purpose and Intention permeating into aspects of your multi-dimensionality , but I wont go into it in this post.

The key would be to become well acquainted with the sensations of the immersion process into trance states. Because the sensations can sometimes be felt as your mind is very alert and awake during the onset of an out of body experience, they can be anchored to trigger your awareness of your state. Why? Because the sensations feel very physical, so they can be used to help you register them as actual experience in your brain. But why? Because your conscious awareness will not register certain subconscious experiences or events outside the scope of what it has not experience in the conscious aware mind. Another reason why lucidity is such a problem. So this is why physical associations should be used first. for example everyone that has been in an elevator knows how the falling sensation feels like so you then use this strategy because it is very physical, it is what you know (same as ladder, stairs or rope techniques). Sensations that feel physical, yet impossible for them to be happening under normal circumstances will show you that you are entering deep trance states. Memorize these sensations.

As you attempt to induce with your set method of induction, you might start to detect peculiarities of the immersion process into trance states. These would be the sensations that are impossible to be felt in the physical dimension. It is very important to associate these sensations with non-physical states, because when they happen, instinctively you will know that YOU ARE IN A DREAM as oppose to a physical sensations that might not pass as abnormalities. What is happening here is that you are bringing awareness into higher levels by becoming familiarized with unconscious mechanism, (these mechanism are ones of the Astral/Dream worlds and not physical ones) when this happens your natural awareness in the Astral Worlds in essence will have a KEY boast that then will become focused awareness which is need to trigger Lucidity. These peculiarities could then be used to highly improve probability of becoming aware while detection of the sensations associated with the peculiarities, in time they could be used to enter trance states faster.

So at first physical sensations should be sought after while attempting to stimulate awareness of trance states, because this will help you focus your mind in a way you can. After some practice be aware of the non-physical sensations or sensations that cannot happen in the physical dimension. This appears to be the Key, for example duplication of your body as you separate, pushing out through your mind’s eye and countless others. You use them but only until you have a reference on how these non-physical states should feel and not before. Why not before? because before your mind will have much more difficulty registering these events as experience, therefore making it that much more difficult to trigger your awareness of your state and lucidity while inside a dream, unawareness is likely. I don't get it, explain more? In other words when you register events that are usually the domain of the unconscious/subconscious (such as duplication of your body as you separate, pushing out through your mind’s eye, dream signs, dream symbols, etc), into the conscious aware dream mind, the events can now become instinctive responses. So then we have turned key elements of the domain of the subconscious/unconscious, the usually unaware mind, into the domain of the aware mind. Spontaneous lucid experience will also start to happen more often. Some non-physical sensations will be felt more than others, so you use the one you feel the most as you focus your awareness when inducing an out of body experience the next time.

This would also be a good way of practicing become aware of your state while in the Astral dimensions. When non-physical sensations that are impossible to happen in the physical dimension are pinned down, then when you think of out of body experiences while in normal dream, an instinctive reflex action can then trigger the sensations that will then trigger your lucidity. Someone could say, well why not do reality checks? Well this could work as well, but that problem with this is that it might be more difficult to remember to do a reality check than to think you want to have an OBE. Besides reality check implies that you already suspect you are inside a dream and are used to verify your state. Your mind will play tricks on you and make reality checks fail, so instead reverse it, and create the tricks with your mind. In other words instead of trying to bust in with reality checks, bring forth instinctive sensations that trigger lucidity. If you are a person that thinks about non-physical states frequently like me and would rather not do stupid reality checks all day, this could be an approach.

I don’t know how useful this will be to another person if it’s just me babbling, but I think there has to be at least something useful.
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