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Roshi's journal

Posted: January 24th, 2016, 12:56 pm
by Master roshi
Ok so i'm writing this down on my phone right after i woke up from dreaming it. Very interesting... so i did a WBTB and ended up in a somewhat lucid dream.

I'd say the setting was in the late 1800s or very early 1900s. It is all very blurry to me now but I'm trying to remember. The thing is, I was not myself, I was controlling a body from 3rd person perspective but it was me, you know? It must have been some kind of party or event, because there were a lot of people at first, but keep in mind the beginning is the most blurry part to me at this moment.
After that, for some reason I had to break the fuck out and get out of the party/event cant reember why, and there was one of those very ghetto, metal-like staircases that you find in modest appartments, which really made a big contrast from the (maybe not high class) but formal/ mildly fancy party. On this staircase there somehow came to be another man. It is at this point that my lucidity elevates from about 20percent to 33percent. The first body I was in, was a taller, leaner, more in-shape gentleman probably pretty handsome, well dressed with a hat, a sick stache and a 3buton suit maybe. This other guy was shorter , out of shape and bald in a brown-ish, not as nice or modern suit.
Anyways, what happens is I fucking switch the body I am controlling for number 1 to number 2 but unitentionally! How? Idk but it took me a while to notice cause from my 3rd person perspective i could see the short bald one going down the stairs but in a stupid cautious manner( when you put one foot down and then ur other foot down on the same part of the stair, like a young child would)

this movement helped me reach a slightly higher lucidity. I found myself not scared but disappointed that the other body was going away cause I was going down the stairs and distancing myself he taught I was ignoring him so must have decided to walk away lol. So i called him over and said wait! He came back and that time I somehow intentionally switched back in to the original body. Then I remembered to rub my hands to stabilize the dream cause at this point I had a strong intuition the dream was goi g to collapse any minute, even though I was gaining lucidity. I did the rub trick and reached even higher lucidity. I could really walk and talk and feel things but it was maybe about only 55percent of real life, still, a generous percentage.

After this im not sure if i went back to talk to anyone or if my memories of talking and socializing are from the earlier 20percent lucidity. After, there was this ...guy(at the staircase location) but i cant remember much else about his appearance and he was saying hurry up this place is going to blow!!!come with me! And instead of going with him..i was very calm and gently asked him wait... are you my dream guide?

After that he looks at me with the most empty look and says nothing..and theres a big white flash that destroys the dream...right after that I somehow wake up in another dream..FA? WHERE SOME HOT SEX ALMOST HAPpENED sigh :(

Part 2 coming soon (it happens right after the events described in here and i will include my interpretation of the first dream in it as well.) Gonna take a shower and see if i can remember anything then i'll be back