Januray 2, 2011 - Alien Capture and Paralysis

Journal Start - 02/02/11
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Januray 2, 2011 - Alien Capture and Paralysis

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2011, 1:45 am

I found myself drifting between sleep and wakefulness, very tired and drowsy. I felt myself in my bed and I realized is a potential to have an OBE. At one point I drifted into sleep but regained consciously quickly, I had a slight loss of awareness for what it think might have been seconds… then I started to move and raise parts of my astral body... to move my legs and arms out of my physical, but some of the parts where stuck to my physical, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get unstuck. At that point I woke up, but quickly I realized that it would be a good time to try a second attempt if I didn’t move… I successfully entered the dream state. I felt a very quick vibration and buzzing sound that only lasted about 1 second. I was faced up. I attempted to get out again but I couldn’t. I tried to sit up, roll out, but my torso was still stuck to my physical… I tried to deepen the trance by imagining myself falling down into my body, in my opinion to aid in the dissociation before doing an exit technique… it didn’t work… then I thought I am going to visualize myself that I am standing up in front of my lamp (about 5 feet away), this didn’t work either... then I tried to visualize myself trying float out of my body… I started to feel that my astral body was lifting very gently and slowly out of my phyical. I continued for about 20 seconds until I felt that I was high enough and completely out of my physical body… I then I rolled to my side, when i did, I felt the outline of my physical body against my astral body. I was surprised to notice that I was still very close, still inside the confines of my physical body, even faster 20 seconds of feeling a slow upward motion I felt only a few inches away from the base of my physical body… I was turned on my axis… at that point the scene changed around me, I was no longer in my bedroom… I then felt myself sitting down in the grass outside a two story apartment building that I have never seen before, but in the dream I recognized it to be where my physical body would be.

I stood up and remembered I was just having an out-of-body experience… maybe this could just still be a dream… I remember one of the reality checks one of the early authors in the western world did when he was having a lucid dream, so I decided to try something new. He would stretch out his arms and he would see them stretch as far as they could. I looked at my hands then extended my arms… as I thought about them stretching they started to stretch to about 20-25 feet in length. I could see my hands far away and I had a feeling of wow! It felt freaky to see and feel my arms so long as it felt very real and solid. It was amazing. I started walking towards the apartment where my body would be… then instantly I was in the room I was walking towards to… then I was back in the grass outside. At that point I started to get confused… is this a dream i asked?... I am not sure if this is a dream, I think it’s a dream. I was then instantly teleported back to the room where I thought my body would be, when I looked at the bed my body wasn’t there. At this point it felt more like a lucid dream than an OBE (focus 15, I will explain more about it on other post).

I then noticed a man standing on one side of the room and my brother standing next to the bed. At that point I wasn’t sure it was a dream, but my reasoning told me it was. I thought the man was someone a new and possibly a friend. I then noticed lights outside of the apartment, an intense beam of white light focused on top of the room that was lighting up all the windows and the small cracks between the wooden walls. I thought it could be a UFO that pointed its lights towards me. Then I noticed the movement of the object by the angle of the beam of light… it was a silent UFO landing next to the apartment. No sound, no noise, it felt out of this world. The man then said something telepathically along the lines 'that he tricked us, and he was sorry for it'.

Then a gas started to come out from a mini-split air conditioning unit that was installed… I started to feel very light and drowsy my muscles started to relax and I was starting to faint slowly and drifting into paralysis. I felt very conscious and didn’t feel much of my body as I layed in the bed…then I thought to myself… oh man, here come the freaking aliens! Oh man, this is definitely a dream… I am going to have to go through with this… it’s going to be an experience and I’ll wake up tomorrow and whatever it is they do, it’s just going to be a dream… It’s going to be an experience… it might hurt but it’s just going to be a dream so it’s not really going to affect me. I was reasoning this way because it felt as it was actually happening… then I heard people walking around me… as if small feet where taking short steps and moving very quickly. I didn’t want to see them, even if I could open up my eye lids. When I attempted to move it felt that something was holding my closed mouth in place. It felt like the inner skin of my mouth stretched as if glued to another surface. If I move my head 2 millimeters, I would feel the pain of the stretching and ripping of my inner skin. My body completely paralyzed. I did not struggle from the fear of the pain, nor could I wake up. One of the beings started to do a medical procedure to the lower part of my right arm… it felt like 1 inch deep incision cuts done with a very sharp object… maybe a type of pin blade? I could feel the movement of my skin as it was being cut precisely and quickly. I did feel a little pain, but not excruciating pain. I kept telling myself to stay calm, that it was just going to be another experience and it was going to be over tomorrow morning when I wake up. I was relaxing even though it was happening… just let it happen… there was nothing that you can do about it relax… tomorrow I am going to wake up and think this is crazy, this is crazy shit.

As I calmed myself I started to slowly feel it less and less and less until I felt more of the weight of my body against a bed. At that point I was not sure if I was still in the dream or not because I wasn't moving. I was then able to open my eyes, I moved my arm and realized that I was awake. It was a strange type of sleep paralysis, one that is more likely for me to happen while transitioning into sleep, not when transitioning out of sleep, but still a very unusual sleep paralysis situation.

Now that I think about it, the trigger was an alien overtone. My arms felt so long they seemed alien to me. The high vividness added to the strangeness of the experience.

This being my first post, I would also like to add the exit technique that I did in this OBE is not my usual sit-up exit technique. I will write about it on a different post. I will continue to post the experiences from January to catch up to present day in February as quickly as I can.

Have a great day! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Januray 2, 2011 - Alien Capture and Paralysis

Post by Summerlander » November 22nd, 2011, 9:55 pm

Hmmm...having experienced this, what do you think about though alien abduction reports where people report being paralysed or zapped by aliens in the middle of the night?

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Januray 2, 2011 - Alien Capture and Paralysis

Post by Astralnaut » November 25th, 2011, 4:12 pm

once i was paralysed and tried to call alien grays :D but noone came.

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Re: Januray 2, 2011 - Alien Capture and Paralysis

Post by Radiant » October 27th, 2016, 4:42 pm

Interesting...We can see all sorts of things when we have an obe.

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