Januray 6, 2011 Revelation - See and Patience

Journal Start - 02/02/11
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Januray 6, 2011 Revelation - See and Patience

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2011, 1:56 am

I find myself in an Apartment. About 10 or 15 people there came together with me, and the rest of the people where mingling in the apartment talking to each other, possibly friends and family of them. I am walking around to find an interesting conversation with someone, at that point I look outside the windows and realize its a very tall building possibly a hotel suite. It seemed like a modest hotel suite, just large enough to accommodate everyone...

I walked through a darker area of the suite and them a women started talking to me, them she climbed my back. I walked into the balcony with the women in my back. About 3 people where there. I wanted a place where we could talk privately. Suddenly everyone in the suite decided they wanted to go to the ground level, where the lobby was... Then I find myself in the ground level floor walking there with the same lady hanging in my back. I looked around and everything seem interesting to me, the words from the lady in my back where also very interesting...

There is David Icke again, he appears to be the tour guide. At that point I realize I was in Germany, and the people that came with me, the 10 or 15 people where from the tour. Then I understood the reason why we went down was to see the secret. Large steps would lead to it, as I got close I saw that it was monument of a statue about 10 feet tall, on the base of the monument there was a little fiber class rectangular box. David Icke was standing next to it being the tour guide, he repeated and explained in his own words:

"the name will not be reviled unless you can see and unless you can be patient. You have to burn fire in the enclosure box for a certain period of time in order for the name in the little copper plate be reviled. Only this way the name will be reviled."

The secret was the real name of the person who murdered the monument. At that point a local walked towards the base of monument and lit a fire. I could see from the distance letters burning red hot in the cooper plate. No one else approached it. Apparently only the correct name would appear if you where able to "see" and "be patient". If you weren't ready you would see the wrong name, I believe this happened to the local. No one else approached it.

At this point I was still carrying this lady in my back, I approached a bench and sat her next to me, she then moved and sat in the side walk straight in front of me. I was thinking about the monument as she was talking, I interrupted her and said:

"meet me up at the apartment. I am going to hang out here with David Icke for a bit and get something out of this plate"

She kindly agreed and left. I started walking back to where the monument was, about 200 feet away. I looked around carefully and thought "This place looks like a real place in Germany", typical European coffee shops. After the short walk back to the monument I realized It was no longer there. then I woke up. :D

I've thought about this one a lot. I believe what Mr. Icke was referring to when he said "see", is my ability to Astral Project and when he said "be patient" is to understand it will take time.
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