Januray 7 2011 Beatiful Sunset

Journal Start - 02/02/11
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Januray 7 2011 Beatiful Sunset

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2011, 2:01 am

Before going back to sleep during a mini wake-up I remembered that I wanted to do the Counting Technique from Omkar for the first time... that is counting from 1 to 60 and if you reach 60 repeat it and start from 1, while visualizing a counter in your minds eye.

"This is probably going to be a good time to try it because I am going to fall asleep very quickly"

I started counting from 1 to 60, on the second pass I might have reached 30/40 then I started to feel vibrations in my legs. I also started to see some of the imagines I wanted to visualize. I knew I was ready to have an out of body experience. I tried to control the vibrations by moving them around my body parts for a few seconds, I wasn't controlling them very well but was able to sustain it. I lifted myself up very easily to be in a sitting position in the bed. I noticed a 270 degree field of view filter to my vision of reality. A filter that is made with what resembles semi circles of water that increases the depth perception of the vision. After thinking about it, it can also be viewed as areas or different densities that take form of circles on top of each other in 4th dimensional space. They have a shiny reflection. They also have different sizes and only parts of the circles are visible, only when I mentally traced the partial lines I could see they form complete circles.

I then noticed I was in a different bed. I flew around the house and realized an older couple lived there. My parents where also there. I think they where visiting. My father was fixing the washing machine and my mother was standing in the kitchen, they physically looked the same age they look now. I could see from the light reflecting in the windows that there was a sunset. I floated around to the porch to exit the house. As I did, I saw the most beautiful Autumn sunset I have seen in my life! But this sunset could not exist on earth because the sun was about the size of a basketball at arms length, very bright and would not hurt or disturb my vision if I looked straight to it. On the left and the right side of the sun there where very tall pine trees about 50 to 70 feet tall. I looked down from the edge of the porch and saw the little house was on top of a very small hill about 30 feet tall. I was complete ecstatic looking all this it was so incredibly beautiful and perfect. I took off from the porch and started to fly in between the clear path of the pine trees with the beautiful sunset reflecting and warming my face. I could feel the wind and see the beautiful multi-colored autumn leaves in the ground. I could hear the movement of the leaves with the wind. It was complete and fully immersive experience!


I flew around in a circle and returned back to the cabin in the hill. When I landed back in the porch, I heard the voice of a little girl say my name. I turned to look, she was wearing a white dress and paying on a swing in the ground level about 50 feet away. When I took a closer look, I started to feel like I was loosing the connection, I attempted to stabilized but it didn't work. I was back in the bed. In the dream bed, It had been a false awakening. I believe an emotional response by the call of the little girl almost knocked back to waking reality.

I got up from the bed without realizing I was still dreaming. my body felt dense, and I walked around towards the house and saw everyone in the living room. My parents where saying goodbye, it was time for us to go. I said goodbye to the older couple and woke up.

I remember a shadow memory from many years ago about sitting next to the same little girl in the swing. It feels like a long a forgotten memory. :D
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