Januray 12, 2011 Non Physical Being Encounter

Journal Start - 02/02/11
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Januray 12, 2011 Non Physical Being Encounter

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2011, 2:02 am

Experience #157 - Non-human encounter - January 13, 2011
I woke up in the morning quickly from a regular dream, I thought it would be a good time to try and have an experience. I started counting from 1 to 60 quickly very fast and restarting at 60. I was on the 3rd pass and started to feel the numbers slowing down in my mind at 20. I also started to feel my entire body numb and falling into a trance. Approximately 40 seconds later I started to feel the vibrations, I was surprise I was able to enter trance so fast and easily because I moved prior to the counting. I could feel the strongest vibrations in my legs, and very light vibrations all around my body for about 20 seconds. I tried to control the vibrations my moving them around my body but I was unsuccessful. I wanted to make sure I didn't wake up while trying to exit my body, so I gently lifted my head, legs and arms then slowly rolled out to be in a sitting position in my bed with the feet on the ground.

Someone was waiting for me standing under the door frame of my room. I'm not sure know who she was, possibly another version of my sister, somewhat different but her same presence. She was interested in grabbing my attention quickly as If I would forget, she then took me by the lower arm and walked me through the living room to where my Microsoft xbox360 is located. I also have a second memory where she called me with hand gestures and asked me to follow her through the living room to where my xbox360 is located. I have both memories of the same event. I was unable to get distracted or focus my attention on anything else because the sequence was done very fast and diligently by her. I do remember that my house seem identically and I felt the presence of others watching from the living room without interfering.

When I was in front of the Xbox360 she pointed at it, the console had the green light in the middle signifying its ON. When I saw it, I remembered my previews experiments I had done in other Astral Projections in 2010, where I would attempt to turn on my Xbox360 from within the Astral (The new xbox360 has a 'light touch' button that turns ON the console if the moisture and conductivity of a finger touches it). My thoughts where that maybe I could affect the electronic device with an electrostatic discharge and turning it ON. In past Astral Projections I had attempted to turn on the Xbox360 in 3 different attempts without success: My hands would either go through the device, it was an older model that does not have 'light touch', or was only able to affect the TV. Nothing significant had occurred. As she pointed at it, I moved my hand with a very strong intention to affect the console, when I touched it, I felt a spark in my finger and the Xbox360 console turned OFF. I looked at her and then she made a gesture of what I believe was: "You see, you can do this". My reaction was "wow, you saw it too. When I wake I will be able to verify this and have validation". In the Astral Projection it was ON and I turned it OFF.

I walked through the living room towards the front door to exit the house. I felt little resistance as I went through the door. I was outside the house standing in the cement walkway the leads to the driveway. I looked up and noticed power lines and thought it would not be a good place to try and fly. I remembered other experiences where I had not been able to fly more than a few feet to later realize that power lines had been present. With these thoughts in my mind I went around to the left side to be in between houses and have clear sky. I flew up about 15-20 feet and said in the exact words:

"Show me my future wife, no, no, show me what I want to see, no, take me to the future, show me what I should see"

I now realized how stupid and amateurish of my part was to not have a clear set intention. I got carried away by the moment. I started to move, but I didn't feel like I was guiding it. I was moving like the ball of a compass trying to find its heading. Sideways and around as if trying to find something. I realized someone was guiding it. it was the upper body of a little boy. The interesting thins is that the lower body had what could be described as semi-transparent energetic fields that looked like a tails. I was being carried by this energy on the left side about 10 feet away from the torso. At this point I also noticed the ground level had vanished. When I started moving I could see the different scenes coming to view. It was flying me through a movie sequence in 4th dimension space. Everything I could see was changing all around me. The scenes where unfamiliar. We flew around what appeared to be different cities, parks, and houses. I was surprised to see everything luxurious, totally unexpected of what I think my future would be, but I wasn't sure if that's what I was being showed so...

I looked again at the little torso of the little boy and thought, "this must be an angle because he seems to know me". then I said "Show me what I need to see", we changed directions and landed in the ground. When I got closer to him I realized he had the rest of his body. Then I asked him:

Me: Are you an angel?

boy: Not in the form that you think

me: what do you mean, why did you take little boy form?

boy: we had to make less changes

At this point I started to look around my surroundings and noticed babies taking care of babies, it was very interesting to see very young babies walking and crawling and going about their business as if with a purpose. Afterwords he world itself started to change and I awoke up inside a Jail cell...

There was another man that woke up simultaneously with me on the second bed of the jail cell, he was vommiting and i was slight nauseated. He looked like he was in his 50s and was someone I did not recognize. I was surprised to see that I was not vomiting like he was because we had been through the same thing. At that point I remember what I had been showed but could make little sense of it. It was the presence of something or someone. It could not determine the sex, it was deformed or it had a mask, an Alien, or a non human, no hair, both sexes or no sex. Clearly a being looking at me from about 3 feet away and shorter than me. I can still see it when I close my eyes. This being stayed close and in view while scenes around me changed constantly, I think I saw someones birthday and many other scenes for about 10 min. When I awoke in the jail cell I felt shocked, I believe this is why my memory of the incident is low. Maybe I didn't want to remember??

I looked again at the man inside the jail cell and noticed he had accidentally vomited in his little notebook. He picked up his notebook and started to write on it. I realized the man had been through the same experience with "the being" as an observer or participant, I am not sure. Moments later I woke up in my bed. I then got up and went to check the xbox360 and noticed it was OFF like I had left it the day before. I will have to try and turn it OFF when its ON. Its possible that in the projection it was a future event, because it was ON to begin with. Further experimentation required, yeah! :D
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