A Different World

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A Different World

Post by Zyier » August 31st, 2015, 6:12 pm

In a world where practically everyone had powers I was attending a school where they divided you up in classes based on your abilities. I found myself in a class with people who weren't born with abilities, but in all honesty I had them. I was just hidding it. I could also tell that I wasnt the only one who was keeping it a secret.
Later my teacher sent me to go retrieve something from the underground floor and upon arriving there I heard a commotion. While staying hidden, I peak past the corner of the wall and saw two teachers and a strange man. I began to concentrate and manage to get a glimpse into his thoughts, just as he pulled a knife killing the two teachers.
He turned to me and smiled. I took a step backwards as I felt him reading my mind, a task which was hard for me to do. I ran back up to the ground floor where I meet a guy from my class. One that I had been suspicious of having powers.
"That man is unbelievably dangerous we need to get out of here."
We ran out to the parking lot where he pulled out a key and began to unlock the door to a suv. The man had followed us, taking an interest in toying around with us. The suv crushed right in front of us.
The guy pulled me along. "Run this way."
We ran to the road surrounded by trees, buy he was still close behind us. I turned to face him, raising my hands reluctantly using my powers. Pushing my arms out I sent a force of energy towards him to which he simply waved his arm and it went hurling back at me. I shielded myself against the impact but it broke through and knocked me down. I was knocked out briefly, dazed from the blow.
The guy called to me "this way" He stood by a bridge that was at the edge of the tree line.
It was a bridge to the "otherworld" Crossing this bridge led to a world that was thinly intertwined with this one. It was occompanied with strange and vibrate, but dangerous creates.
The murder yelled behind us. "You'll die too if you open the gates" I felt our chance were better and we continued onward passed the veil and burst open the gates aND the creature began rushing out

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