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Do Dreams Really Do That!!?

Posted: July 18th, 2017, 11:53 am
by hydro1
Ok so bare with me. Do dreams really end after we awake from them or do they continue in our absence in some fashion, if so do we just disappear from the dream or do a dream character of our self continue it upon awakening? I ask this because of a dream I just awoke from that I hope continued in my absence, but also because of a experience I had that most of you probably read, about Thee Window to my Grannies Afterlife, if you haven't read it I will post the link. But anyways after that vivid experience ended, I was sent to a already in progress dream, like I literally walked into a dream already going on. Ok as promised the link, but I will be also adding the dream that followed that experience in cause you got caught up and interested lol

the Dream that followed- viewtopic.php?f=44&t=902&sid=632da1a1c0 ... d59210afd2

The experience- topic901.html#p4260

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Re: Do Dreams Really Do That!!?

Posted: July 18th, 2017, 2:52 pm
by hydro1
from astralpulse


That's, honestly, a question we'll never have an answer to.

What happens to a reality when the creator(s) stops creating?

Bloodshadow (me):
hmm i'm going to answer the question according to your post, it gave me some idea. ok so God/source is the creator of us right, he/it is sort of absent from his creation, but yet we still continue, so in a ways the answer is yes our dreams we create continue on, which would explain my already in progress dream I had after a meeting with my granny, what you think? and thanks btw for the Idea. I know it seems simple, but that's what I came up with.

Maybe you need to think in terms of "thought forms". They have a shelf life depending of the thought intensity, and consensus. So, I'd say that if you create them purposefully, and minutiously, they have a longer life. If you come back to them again and again, they become more stable.

BloodShadow (me):
I think we were thought forms at a time too, and the source may have went thru the same process you gave to give us permanantcy ( I know I messed up on that word lol), though we do die off/become erased after a while. yea seems farfetched, but that's what I came to lol. though we also continue on in some fashion after our death. we don't know what happens to our creation after it is erased, but we still remember it,so it exists still

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from Spiritual forums

I think the dream that followed was showing you where you are possibly blocked from your ability to find your calling in life. Your grandmother talked to you from a human perspective, why can't you be more like your brother? This is a comparison judgment. There is nothing wrong with you but possibly you may feel you don't measure up to some sort of societal idea of who we are supposed to be. It's simply not true. find what makes you happy and follow it.

as for the demons and monsters in the class room, my take is that they are that way because the ate the blindness chocolate. We are blind and confused as humans, some more than others, and some who are in a lot of pain they know not how to release so they inflict it on others. offload it on others to feel better. This doesn't make them evil but rather simply confused and striking out. You have awareness now and so you no longer need to strike out in this fashion but you may be judging your performance in life. I suspect both the vision and dream were trying to help you see that better so you can move past it.

As for your question I would not think a dream would continue on after we have ended it since we are the authors of the dream but I am no expert in these things so I can't say for sure. But I am not someone who ascribes to evil or demons. Just humans behaving badly and in hurtful ways.

MergingWolf (me):
heh well knowing me I thought after that vision I had special ability to see what people really were inside, so I guess in a way it ties in with what you were saying. And it turns out my brother isn't so good after all, I guess it was a case of me thinking he had his life together while I was struggling with mine, but it turned out to not be the case.

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