Borrowing a garden and vivid sunsets

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Borrowing a garden and vivid sunsets

Post by floating_hawaiian » January 27th, 2013, 12:54 pm

Friday, January 25 2013
Dream of the previous night

First thing I remember, I was in an unmarked store. I think i was casing hte joiint for GBA games.

Next thing, in the middle of the next sequence, I was invited by some Waianae boys to go back to Waianae with them. I cant remember the earlier part of the sequence, of where I was, what I was doing or why i was there. I had a strong feeling we met at the beach, but i cant remember it at all. Furthermore, I can't remember going back with them or not, although majority of the rest of the dream would take place in Waianae.

I remember a little shack on the side of a small road. From the front, you can see a low lying wide large building in the distance along the road, on the right side of my shack when facing outwards. I think this was my home, before I moved to Waianae. I think I would end up meeting up with those Waianae boys again and they hook me up with a cabin on the beach on the West Side.

I was in Waianae and some cool old man let me used the unused space in his garden as my own. I can't remember what work i did there.
***I can't remember if i actually dreamt this part, or if I imagined it or made it up and the end of the next sequence***

This portion is when it starts getting vivid. I was at the neighbor of the previous man. He, too, let me used the unusued land to garden for my own. I remember rearranging the unattended potted plants and organizing them in on the shelves in the portion of my area, which was in the back left corner of his backyard. His backyard was walled with a cylinder block wall. With one of the potsm I made to grab it but a large centipede came crawling out. I jumped back in fear and surprise and was more cautious from there on. After gathering the pots and arranging them, i started to water them. I took awhile to water them all because I was determined not to miss any and let any plants die because I neglected to water them. I remember spraying the hose on the leafs and watching the leaves react to being sprayed, jumping up and down on the stems they belonged to. I watched as the pots overflowed with water and spilled onto the ground. AFter being satisfied with watering the plants, i took my leave.
***I suspect the cinder block wall was influenced by post i saw the night before about a man selling cinder blocks on craigslist***

As i was leaving, i remembered the neighbor of the house I was at also let me have a garden the previous day. I found him on the side of his carport surrounded by typical garage hoarded stuff. He was talking to the man whose garden I just came from. With his permission I left his backyard. Opening a small aluminum chain link fence, i entered his backyard. I went to go check on a solitare potted plant that was in a empty row save for itself. I fonud that it was a marijuana plant and that it started sprouting leaves already and i could see fuzzies between the leaves. I remember being satisfied with how quickly it was growing. The other parts of the garden, the plants were fully grown. They were low to the ground, planted in the ground with rich, black soil. They were primarily purple in color but had other tints of color to it i think, but i cant remember. They were local hawaiian plants you would typically find in a garden. After that, I took my leave once again. I thanked the owner and he suggested that I bring beer next time i visit. I then remembered (or imagined) that he gave me a 16oz can of beer when i left the day before. But im pretty sure i imagined it and it actually didn't take place. I lived clear on the other side of hte island, which is why i was surprised it took me less than an hour to get home by bus. Maybe I lived at that shack I mentioned previously.

After leaving Waianae to get home on the other side of the island, apparently I made my way back. I think I lived there in a cabin on the beach. I probably got hooked up by one of the waianae boys i met earlier. I remember being bored in the cabin and was debating to play my GBA/PSP. Whatever the case was, i dont remember. I remember walking through a small cmmunity of cabins and passing by my landlord at some point. It was nearly sunset and i went onto the beach to watch it. This, it was so vivid. I can remember with exceptional clarity watching the orb of the sun, hazy with the distance, clouds and atmosphere coming between us. But i remember it. Its just as hazy as it would be watching it in real life. The haze just added more realism. I watched it fall behind the horizon,slowly but surely. You would think that a massive orb in the sky would never move, but with careful observation you can witness its movements with patience. I was distracted for a bit, and when I returned my gaze the sun was half hidden by the edge of the world. And with that, i completely watched it disappear, eagerly looking for the fabled green flash that is supposed to appear when the sun drops behind the ocean. But, there was none.

Next thing I remember, I was in my cabin looking at teh sunrise again. This time, i was watching from behind the window. It was much like last time, very vivid. I saw the outline of the sun, hazy and distorted by all the elemetns that separated us. I watched as the very last sliver of the orange ball in the sky dissapear, like I have watched so many times in real life. What i did then, i dont remember. I can remember a roomate. We were doing something, but what I can't remember. Video games, maybe? At some point, I did a reality check, which I failed miserably. A part of me knew I was dreaming, but the part that was aware though it was absurd to think so.

This entire time, ive always wanted to get myself to do a reality check in my dream. I was so confident that a single reality check in a dream would undoubtedly throw me into a lucid state. Indeed, i have made so much progress with my dreams after having it return maybe less than 2 weeks ago. But i am shocked, surprised that I failed the reality check. I expected that a single reality check would be more than enough to realize that I'm dreaming, but now i know that is not the case. Whats more, I dont think it was coincidence that I did a reality check. I honestly think something higher than myself that I cant understand made me had that dream, particularly the reality check when I did. Although I failed my reality check, it is huge progress that I actually did do a reality check.

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