Dream Character Awarenness

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Dream Character Awarenness

Post by hydro1 » May 1st, 2015, 8:10 pm

I finally watched the movie everyone has been raving over about astral projection and lucid dreaming Waking Life. It was pretty good, at first I couldn't discern what parts was him dreaming and which was reality until the end. I now realize that whole thing was him going from dream to dream, except for the beginning maybe that was reality, but then again I'm not too sure of that either, so right now I'm just going to say even that was a dream as well. But it left me with a lot of questions, but the only one thing that on my mind is this (not really from the movie, but something that developed after watching).

When we are in a dream and we realize that this is a dream and all, we notice these dream characters of family member/friends and other people right? But what if we attempted to awaken a dream character (not to be confused with actual people who aren't aware yet)? lets just say that we are in everyone dreams even when we are in our own dreams. If someone attempts to awaken the us that is in their dream, would the us that's having our own dream be awaken/lucid, and we somehow go from being in our own dream to being lucid in another's dream? Here's another question, are we even attached to the other us in another's dream? this is puzzling me because I was thinking of trying to awaken a dream character of someone that I may know, once I become aware myself that is. :?: :?
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