Im so stupid in dreams

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Im so stupid in dreams

Post by Master roshi » January 9th, 2016, 12:19 am

This dream happened when you kind of wake up without even getting out of bed but you're still half asleep thenyou go back to sleep and start dreaming. Atleast I think haha.
I have a really detailed version that i wrote on my phone right after waking up from it but heres the highlight: I'm talking to thia girl I used to really like a couple years ago but nothing really happened between us. We're both in the back of a car talking, maybe flirting a little. I dont remember much of what was said. So fastforward next thing i rememver is we re walking slowly outside and theres a first-date atmosphere. I start talking about dreams and about how mine are never really vivid and always blurry and i dont really remember what she said she was probably just standing there like a zombie.. idk blurry lol.. i couldnt take the hint to say to myself wait im dreaming even when im having a blurry dream talking about how blurry my dreams are.. i think i also conciously willed myself in to putting my arm around her in the car, but i couldnt go fully lucid and have a vivid experience, ive had a lot of almosts but cant wait for my first lucid dream and eventually AP. If you have any questions comments or suggestions (maybe meditation routine) for me let me know with a quick reply! Happy dreams and travels

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