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Pre sleep

Posted: April 11th, 2016, 2:00 am
by Master roshi
Hi everyone. This just happened now as im trying to go asleep and I thought Id writw it down so i dont forget about it tomorrow. Its not actually a one of a kind experience i just went through, its more of a fascination im having on a process i think we all go through pre sleep. I was laying down very still in reflection then cleared my mind. I had been watching documentaries of people I look up to in one way or another: two of them deceased. I started to hear voices and see brief flashes of them like they were just hanging out lol..kind of like a pre sleep stage in which a dream scene is only starting to form
Im just surprised i made it happen so fast and was fascinated..but before i got up i kind of just layed there cleared my mind again and felt strong but not intwnse vibrations in my head... idk what it is exactly, perhaps tuning in to their specific frequencies or something. but this "experienxe if u can even call it that has left a mark on me for some reason haha..