Reality, A memory based medium - Very Short Introduction

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Reality, A memory based medium - Very Short Introduction

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 7th, 2011, 12:00 pm

uMonk wrote:How we perceive or decode that “data” depends on the medium we are using. Which makes me question what other things we might be able to “perceive” if only we had the senses we might not even know about… ones maybe other beings in the universe or perhaps ones in other possible dimensions may only know about . - Just a Theory.
After experiencing reality in the non-physical I realize how limiting the physical senses are, how limiting the medium of physical reality is when we are not in the 'phase'. It is self evident to me that we can perceive reality in so many different ways.

The question probably everyone here has in the back of their mind: If we can perceive a different reality while in the phase, does this mean that the after life is real? Is this how we will experience things?

It appears to me that consciousness is built for it. I think reality has to do with the amount and type of information that can be 'decoded' by our inner and/or outer senses simultaneously. Thinking multidimensional is required to understand the following. I think the medium of existence is a memory based. Tiny ego awareness will be the active memory, and other parts of consciousness inactive memory (not to be confused for subconscious/unconscious, this is dimensionality speaking, more than one system of reality). Now the question is where and what is full memory? To me it appears that we are navigating our lives inside of this memory matrix, growing in a sense until we can comprehend it, we might be creating the experience that will lead us to this understanding, to a higher STATE OF BEING. We might be in the perpetual process of becoming, and inside the memory matrix we are simultaneously remembering and incorporating (more on incorporating in other posts), in other words becoming or being...

Outside of space and time in the beginning and the end we remembered, all of it.

I will put together my detailed thinking on this process in other posts, re-incarnation compatible but not in the conventional sense. This also implies that in our totality of our existence we experience reality in different ways. I realize it was very condensed I will expand much more on it.

Have a great day! :D
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Reality, A memory based medium - Very Short Introduction

Post by avalinah » December 1st, 2011, 4:04 am

i think i know what you mean, about having an absolute memory that we can't quite access.

i have had this thing happen once. it's very hard to describe. it's like i was living my life, not knowing, but then one day i wake up and realise that i have this 'memory' that has always been there, but i wasn't aware that it was. rather, it's like a new memory, but it was there for years and years and.. well, before i was even there, it seems?

the 'memory' doesn't feel like a dream at all. i didn't wake up from it like from a dream. just one day i realised that this day, i woke up knowing i had this 'memory', while the day before i didn't know i had it. but i've had it and it's old. it's hard to explain!

the 'memory' was strange.. it's not very, well, not very human it seems. these kind of visions - i have only had twice in life. one of them is when i recovered this lost 'memory', the other one - when i was a child and had a high fever and had some kind of hallucinations. it's not something you can see, nor something you can imagine. it's made up of only black and white, and they're interchanging. it's like.. not colours. it's, i don't even know.. but there's just two states - black and white. nothing else. when i was having that fever, those blacks and whites were interchanging and shocking me, just making me suffer some real stress, they were taking over my mind, like a battle. i could not see anything else but the chaos of black and white large specks, then black becoming white, white becoming black, and changing so rapidly that it was making me sick.
but in that 'memory' it was different. the same two planes of being - black and white. however, they were calm this time. how can i describe absolute white and absolute black..? it doesn't exist in what we call 'reality'. but i think you have an idea of what i mean. it's not colours. it's substances.
so about my 'memory'. it's a short interlude of me, a being, not me 'avalinah'.. just me, this little droplet of 'black', ascending somewhere. i do not have an ego. i assumed this is 'after death'.. i ascend, and.. i have a feeling of being very small. i ascend and the rest all around me is all white, a huge white body that is vast, takes up it all. i assume this is 'the universe', 'the creator'.. whatever you'd like to call it, the absolute i guess. it's very personal to me, it has no eyes, but it's somehow looking for me. suddenly i see this group of bigger black droplets like me. they know me. and i know them. but i don't know who they are - no ego. neither me, nor them. no words, but i know they are glad i'm 'back'. then i finally reach the core of the whiteness and it welcomes me. i become a part of the white and the black 'friends' of mine. we are two different colours, but at the same we're one. it's so hard to explain, but white becomes black, and black becomes white. and we're one again.

that's the 'memory' i woke up with one day, i can't even tell which day. it just materialized more and more in several days, and i can firmly say that it was not a dream :p

i believe it has a connection with your theories in this post. however i never really knew exactly what to make of it - who would? :) but it's soothing to have this. this 'memory', by the way, showed up just several years ago.

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