Constricted Vs Boundless Astral Entities

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Constricted Vs Boundless Astral Entities

Post by Jettins \o/ » February 6th, 2012, 3:28 am

Difference between Constricted Vs Boundless Astral Entities

As an entity in the astral you can be constricted or boundless and the infinite combinations of the two. A highly constricted being creates their own subjective universe, and allows little to no external influence or contact from other entities. The visual reality, place, state of emotional well-being, is completely internally generated and will be a state of dwelling, unfulfilled needs and will have self-destructive tendencies. Of course, this is an example of the very end of the spectrum.
From what it appears to me, it is only experience by very few and it is not permanent. The main reason why this happens is because they will not accept or realize where they are.

On the other hand there is boundless, these entities can psychically perceive others, they can also create and sustain collective experiences. When the highest expression of boundless is achieved, (the other end of the spectrum) the realization that we are not separate, the beginning of you and the end of me to be the same, and is reserved for special beings, or other forms of being/existing. While in dreams, we may project a predominantly constricted state; these are our “normal dreams” that pertain to our human condition. It functions in a sense as practice, to help choice our evolutionary path (experience set) as we move from constricted to boundless.

What kind of entity are you projecting?

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