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Mind Expansion

Post by Ryan » February 26th, 2012, 3:51 pm

I take the train to and from work now. It’s a wonderful little bit of my day that I’m learning to really enjoy. Why you ask? Cause it gives me 35 minutes twice a day to meditate! If I can’t meditate at work, this is the next best thing. :)

Anyway, onto my post…
I was meditating on the way home from work tonight and a thought popped into my head regarding the feeling that I get I call “Mind Expansion”. It actually feels like your mind is really expanding. But I came to realize what that sensation really is, because I noticed it tonight at the same time this “other” thing occurred.

What occurred was a 90%+ reduction in my five physical senses. Well, I was ignoring them. But at that exact moment, I began to feel that “Mind Expansion” sensation happen. I never really consciously put two and two together about this.

The “Mind Expansion” sensation is also the beginning of removing yourself from this physical reality. Point Consciousness. From there, all of consciousness is your playground. :)

http://unlimitedboundaries.ca/2012/02/2 ... expansion/

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