Influences create the conditions of your Astral Realities

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Influences create the conditions of your Astral Realities

Post by Jettins \o/ » May 25th, 2012, 5:42 am

That person is bound to the subterranean astral worlds. These are astral dimensions where the astral energies are mostly dark and heavy.

This is a very good description based on my observations of the lower realms.

Heroin is not an earthly thing. It is from the lower astral worlds. These substances have an influence. You are not influencing the drugs; they are influencing you

This is an interesting way of looking at it. The particular behaviors seems to create the states of being people might find themselves in when in the astral realms, but what you’re saying here makes me think that instead it could be the influences people associate themselves to create the states of being. In which case it sounds more like a disease than a conscious choice. This would explain why limited, unaware and constricted states of being at different levels might not have the ability to reason out of it as they are infected in a sense. Like an intoxicated person in physical life not being able to reason beyond the limitations of their intoxication. Like a sex maniac not being able to reason pass endless sexual orgies in the astral realms. Like the young women not being able to move on pass her sadness in the astral realms.

The question is how do you get out of such a lower astral world. The answer is that if you are lucky, a divine being will come near you.

There are other beings doing this in astral realms. I visited a place where people where wrapped like mummies unable to escape their condition. An ultimate constricted state of being indeed.Truckloads of them, their limbs would occasionally snap and twitch. There were people there in charge to help restore them.
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