Discussion - Considerations regarding Existence after Death

This is for discussion of general Astral Projection & Out-of-body Experiences related topics.
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Discussion - Considerations regarding Existence after Death

Post by Jettins \o/ » July 30th, 2012, 2:17 am

20:02 Jettins ---------------------------------------Start------------------------------

20:03 Jettins Hey Omkar, good to see you

20:03 Jettins how are things going today?

20:05 *** AlfredoD joined #meditationtime

20:06 *** OmkAR quit (Ping timeout)

20:06 Jettins Hello Alredo

20:06 Jettins *Alfredo

20:07 AlfredoD hello everyone

20:07 Jettins MIchael will not be joining us tonight, he has other matters to attend

20:08 Jettins My friend Omkar is also here with us, he is proficient at having OBEs

20:08 *** OmkAR joined #meditationtime

20:08 Jettins Hey Omkar

20:08 OmkAR lignthing took out the power

20:08 OmkAR im back for now

20:08 OmkAR lol

20:08 OmkAR sec

20:09 Jettins At the moment we are traveling via wireless broadband back home, so if I drop my connecting for a moment it will be for this reason

20:10 Jettins Raining hard where you are, in tampa it was sunny all day

20:10 Jettins alfredo, any new interesting experiences you would like to share?

20:11 *** Alfredo joined #meditationtime

20:11 Jettins hello

20:12 OmkAR hey

20:12 Alfredo I am restricted by mobile phone so I wont stay

20:12 *** AlfredoD quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

20:12 Jettins That's understandable

20:13 Jettins You're going to need a full size keyboard

20:13 Jettins Alfredo, this is my friend who visited the reptilian base you where interested in knowing about

20:15 Jettins Omkar, I am curious what keeps you motivated to keep learning and having OBEs

20:15 OmkAR ez

20:16 OmkAR its another 'place' to go

20:16 OmkAR its a real place, to explore and go

20:16 OmkAR that keeps me motivated

20:16 Jettins most people rather do other physical things that render conscious out of body experiences nearly impossible

20:17 OmkAR why not have both

20:17 OmkAR hehe

20:17 *** Alfredo quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)

20:17 Jettins it's amazing indeed, so much to learn about ourselves

20:18 Jettins there is something that does make sense to me, how our behavior affects what we experience or do not experience while in the non-physical condition

20:19 Jettins I think the goal would be to unlearn to become attached to material existence

20:20 OmkAR something vs nothing?

20:20 Jettins this also implies that the activities while in the non-physical should change. moving from having mundane type of stress full experiences to something else

20:20 Jettins I've thought about that, it's best to have something than nothing indeed

20:21 Jettins to be used as a gauge

20:21 Jettins I had a dream with you today Omkar, I do not remember much about it except that I handed you a pair of sunglases

20:23 Jettins Today I visited a location in what would be the lower realms

20:23 Jettins very strange place indeed, people are selfish and angry in those places

20:24 Jettins even though I was being nice to everyone, this didn't deter the negative behavior from the argentinian woman

20:25 OmkAR hehe kool

20:27 OmkAR i want to go back and swim with those whales

20:28 Jettins must have been nice. What kind of vibe did you feel on the place?

20:28 Jettins with the wales?

20:30 Jettins I can still here that voice from that woman, this was a real entity that wanted to harm me. she didn't have more power over me, but it did freaked me out the way she reacted

20:31 OmkAR vibe? . it had a strong astral vibe

20:32 OmkAR definately not my normal dream areas. . these were the astral areas with those places

20:32 OmkAR that ocean was soo real man, the deeep water . . the waves

20:32 Jettins I mean, negative, positive or neutral sensations that you where getting

20:32 OmkAR but the stars .. there was too many, it looked fake in a way

20:32 OmkAR like digital

20:32 OmkAR everything else looked real, except the sky

20:32 OmkAR looked artificial

20:32 Jettins to me it's usually a strong neutral vibe, things aren't negative it's just how I might perceive them to be

20:33 OmkAR nevada

20:33 Jettins that's nice

20:34 Jettins looks like many of the newer open malls here in orlando

20:34 OmkAR ah ya man

20:34 OmkAR here

20:34 OmkAR i found a goood one

20:34 OmkAR http://www.flickr.com/photos/treehousep ... /lightbox/

20:34 Jettins not that I go there, but sometimes take family when the visit from honduras

20:34 OmkAR ^ looks like an astral place ive been too

20:34 OmkAR with that kinda exagerated sky

20:35 Jettins an abstract dimension indeed, many of these in the Astral

20:36 Jettins I visited such a place once, when an animated character greeted me in the sky. It looked like an actual cartoon character in a cartoon world

20:36 Jettins it was very interesting how i open this dimension

20:37 Jettins I flew to the sky and a bottle hit my hand

20:37 Jettins i grabbed it, then decided to spray it like when a team wins the cup

20:37 OmkAR nice

20:37 OmkAR have you seen the movie Contact?

20:37 OmkAR with Jody Foster

20:38 Jettins then the spray that came from the bottle opened a portal to a new world

20:38 Jettins yeah, great movie

20:38 OmkAR ya i think im gonna watch it again soon

20:38 Jettins yeah, good one

20:38 OmkAR pretty much nailed how the astral realm looks, except they disguise it as an actual trip through wormhole

20:38 OmkAR hehe

20:38 Jettins I went to see that movie at the theater when it came out, i was on the edge of my seat

20:39 Jettins yeah, she visited the Astral

20:39 Jettins it is exactly how it can look

20:41 Jettins did you listen to the encounter with joAnn?

20:41 Jettins experiences like that show me how there is help in the Astral

20:42 Jettins we are not left alone if we do not want to be, but this also implies there is a process that might need to occur before an individual can open itself for help

20:43 Jettins Omkar, there is also the possibility of being stuck in a dream like illusion after death

20:43 OmkAR ive been to a giant resource center in the astral once, the entrance looked a bit like 'heaven'

20:43 OmkAR but then inside it was all modern offices

20:43 Jettins we should also prepare not to become stuck in such scenarios

20:44 OmkAR there's no way to become stuck if you know how to pass out through a wall

20:44 Jettins monroe's library on level 27, do not forget this ever, OK?

20:44 OmkAR my only worry is going on and on, explore thousands .. millions of new places and not knowing where to settle down

20:44 Jettins yes, it is possible to become insane with so much instability

20:45 Jettins lose memory of ourselves as well, I've seen this happening to the dead in the astral

20:45 Jettins there has to be a clear plan, to follow to ensure sovereignty of our psyche

20:48 Jettins there are those that stay away from other individuals and live a stable and linear life

20:48 Jettins others go crazy in the sense that want to dominate others

20:49 Jettins Do you think that since we know how to jump astral realms we are special?

20:49 Jettins this is to easy, anyone can do this

20:49 Jettins there is more to it, it appears

20:49 Jettins we need to develop or psychic awareness

20:50 Jettins this is how we one truly can "jump"

20:50 Jettins just doing it over and over helps to learn how the astral operates, but it can still be confusing

20:51 Jettins it's our intuition that then becomes the barometer for understanding what is best and what is not

20:52 Jettins our physic perception, this is not something we normally do and become aware of it while in the physical

20:52 OmkAR part of my lucidity is always knowing i can hop out through a wall, or down below the ground floor

20:52 OmkAR to exit to the void

20:52 OmkAR if i forget about that, then usualy im not very lucid

20:53 Jettins but it's this that we need to work on, reading people, understanding things, opening the mind are things that can help get us in touch with it

20:53 Jettins yes, but sometimes we reach the destination, sometimes we don't reach the desired destination

20:53 Jettins what do you think makes it so that we can reach the destinations we choice?

20:54 OmkAR the others

20:54 OmkAR when you ask for a teleport location, its them that take you there

20:55 OmkAR they mostly remain silent, but sometimes they say things during the teleport, i can hear them in my astral bodies mind

20:56 Jettins yeah, but it is us who open these channels in a sense for them to exist

20:56 OmkAR im not sure how it works, they could always be there, just inches away

20:56 OmkAR but they do try to give you your privacy/boundaries

20:56 OmkAR even if that is illusion

20:56 Jettins I don't think me and you have this problem, we know how it works, yet we can take it to new hights

20:57 OmkAR its nothing they haven't seen before though

20:57 OmkAR

20:57 OmkAR there's a very real possibily they can see everything we do

20:57 OmkAR it could partially be what causes that paranoia i get sometimes

20:57 OmkAR but accepting it helps make it go away

20:58 OmkAR it might be that there is no real way to be truely isolated, we are all connected to others somehow. . somekind of shared experience

20:58 Jettins yes, they do. It appears they are part of our consciousness. When we increase the awareness of our inner senses, which is our psychic potential in the realms these helpful beings start to exist

20:58 OmkAR with partition spaces

20:58 OmkAR or the illusion of a partition between us, but stuff leaks thru

20:59 Jettins for example, it was only until I started seriously looking behind me that helpful beings started to manifest. this knowing that they are around the door for then to manifest

21:00 Jettins yes, I think they can see Everything

21:00 Jettins they know your mind, even before you realized a thought

21:01 Jettins it's so amazing when you sit back and think about it all. it is a very person and subjective existance

21:03 Jettins this is why some people have so much difficulty believing in the stories about the Astral. These same people might believe in life after death yet they expect the same thing happening, as if was a universal experience for everyone

21:03 Jettins they fail to include how their subjective reality, their psyche for crying out load might change things

21:04 OmkAR this looks like a partially de-tuned astral realm, just before it solidifies more solid

21:04 OmkAR sky

21:05 OmkAR sky

21:05 Jettins this is the problem of some religious views in my opinion

21:05 Jettins nice pictures

21:05 OmkAR before a realm stabilizes properly, it looks almost analogue 8-bit

21:06 Jettins wow, interesting picture

21:06 OmkAR saturated, .. transparent . . holographic

21:06 OmkAR ya

21:06 OmkAR these capture it good

21:06 Jettins ah yes, the last picture looks like the cartoon world I told you about

21:07 Jettins next time I go to honduras I am going to take the pictures I am saving then and print then huuuuge

21:07 Jettins wall size

21:08 Jettins Imagine, then the portal could be created in my wall. if I where to anchor this dimension as I have with my recliner it would be incredible indeed

21:09 Jettins special images of high significance

21:09 Jettins wall size on cloth

21:09 OmkAR hehe

21:10 Jettins they can do here, but in the US it cost thousands

21:12 Jettins next time you have physical level awareness while in the astral, what will you do, or go?

21:16 Jettins good time to end the chat thinking about this.

21:16 Jettins I am arriving home at this moment. have a goodnight Omkar

21:18 ommie ok nite
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