Exposing the fraud of Steven G. Jones

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Exposing the fraud of Steven G. Jones

Post by PauliEffect » September 21st, 2012, 1:35 pm

I want to comment on the Steve G Jones hustle.

On a completely different forum I investigated this fraud and in opposition to the
moderators at that place I wrote the following (part of this writings were removed).
I'll leave out the names as they are not interesting and I think, I at the time was a
little upset that the moderators of that place promoted and removed my posts
where I questioned their (economical) motives in regards of Steve G Jones.

Here goes:

Steve G Jones just claims to be one of the world leading experts on hypnosis,
but without anything backing up his claim. How has he got that title?

[Mod 1], do you believe that someones penis can grow by hypnosis as a result of placebo?

By help of Steve G Jones Penis enlargement CD, all natural hypnosis ?

Don't you request any scientific proofs, like a measurement of the length of the
person's penis before and after those 21 days of hypnosis "treatment"?


(I also checked out some claims of [Mod 2], I then wrote the following, which later was removed by the mod.)

quote from [Mod 2] ->
$25,000 for a two hour consultation. Did you see the names of the people
that were signing up for this. they are the rich and famous who pay $25,000
for a babysitter, lol. Look at the names and occupations of the people giving
reviews. http://www.stevegjones.com/phone.htm
Call it hoax, scam, hustler, liar or swindle, I've got some results I want to share.

[Mod 2], the persons in your link above who are used as references or recommendations
of con man Steve G Jones leave a huge hole. I looked up some of the persons in the link
above and I got the following results:

Reference person 1: "Andrea George, Miss California 1999"

No such Miss California exists, and certainly no one with that name of the year 1999.
It seems Steve G Jones has made up that name or Miss Andrea originates from a
completely unknown Miss California competition. There are at least two more
similar competitions; Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA, none
of these have any Miss Andrea.

There exists no, I repeat, _no_ Andrea George Miss California 1999.

Reference person 2: "Jeraldine Saunders, Creator the 'Love Boat' TV series"

After more than one try I got a very short response by mail, which just stated:
"all I can say is do not give $"

The mail wasn't signed by any name, it was unclear whom was the originator,
so it could be anyone handling mail, but I take that as a statement which leaves
a lot of doubt. (I used the official mail address of Saunders' Love Boat site.)

Reference person 3: "Bjorn Englen, Bassist for Soul Sign and Quiet Riot"

I mailed the address of Englen's official site and got a strange response which raised doubt
if Englen at all knew that his name was used for selling Jones' hypnosis products, and gave
no, I repeat _no_ support for Steve G Jones' reference. The mail response had an air
of suspiciousness.


My conclusion: I think that none of the persons above have contacted Steve G Jones. Most
likely the have never had any theraphy by Jones. And in the case of Andrea George 1999,
it seems that she doesn't even exist.

[Mod 2], as you provided Steve G Jones link (above) on the [XXX] site, I again urge you
to tell us if you has anything to do with Steve G Jones' affairs. Do you get any money?

Steve G Jones carries all the trademarks of a hustler and a liar.

His references are fake.

Prove me wrong.

(I also found Steve G Jones promoting his hypnosis therapy on a breast enlargement forum,
or was it breast cancer (?), where he makes absurd claims.

I really think he creates such a bad reputation for everything related to OBE or AP that
he deserves all piece of critizism he can get. A complete scam and fraud IMO.)

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