How to heal in the Astral Realms using Light

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How to heal in the Astral Realms using Light

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2012, 5:39 pm

How to heal in the Astral Realms using Light

Below are excerpts from different experiences that relate to healing in the Astral Realms. A practical guide you can follow to do it yourself. You will see the progression on how I came to these ideas.

Experience #638 called “Attempting to heal father – how to heal” from June 28, 2012.

In experience #612 a women showed me how I could use light to heal the Astral Body. She also mentioned that healing 2/3 of the body while in the Astral would “even affect the physical body”. This particular experience is part of the continuation of the “12 noon” scenario. In the future I will know what it means if anything, but as of now I am satisfy because it functions to unfold experiences that I can learn from while in the astral.

Complete post -> astral-projection-experience/how-heal-a ... -t389.html

Experience #647 from July 4, 2012 called “Guiding Force – Healing little boy”

The woman curved her hand and puts it a few inches away from the boy. She focuses the light emanating from her hand like if it was a magnifying glass amplifying the light from the sun. The lesions from the little boy started to smoke away. She stopped and goes to do the same with the other little boy. I did the same procedure and finished healing the boy of his lesions.

Complete post -> astral-projection-experience/guiding-fo ... -t395.html

#688 from July 31, 2012 called “Healing sick woman in Astral Realms - Hell Hospital”.

I walked into one of the rooms and saw a woman nearly rotted away and had the following conversation:

Me: what hurts (very commandingly as if I owned the place)

Woman: my hands

Me: let me see this (I grabbed her arm forcefully)

Woman: Noooo, leave me alone (trying to pull her arm away, but she couldn’t because I held it firm)

She was missing 3 fingers as if they had rotten away and fallen off. She also had deep cuts on the palm of the hand the look incredibly infected. This person must have been a methamphetamine addict of the worst kind in physical reality.

Me: I am going to try to heal you, shut up (pulling her arm hard to a stable position)

I poked a whole in my palm to attempt to use my inner light to heal her. I noticed I had no inner light in this place as oppose to other dimensions where creating a whole in my astral body created the emanation of light.

Me: There is no light here (thinking)

So it occurred to me to try something else. I was to use light from another source. I grabbed a lamp that was turned on and I curved my hand to use it as a type of magnifying glass for the light. The deep cuts in the hand started to smoke away and her hands healed.

I dumped her hand in a bucket of water with baking soda to accelerate the healing (I do not know why I did this or had the baking soda).

I continued doing the healing with the light (which was quick), a few more times until the hands were completely healed and clean.

I turned around one last time to see her but she had changed, her entire body had healed. She didn’t look like a rotten corps anymore; she looked like a healthy and clean 60 year old woman indeed. She had her eyes wide open and looking straight at me with a surprised look in her face.

Complete post -> astral-projection-experience/healing-si ... -t425.html
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