Lucidity and the Subconscious

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Lucidity and the Subconscious

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 1st, 2012, 5:40 am

I have the habit of recording my dreams every morning. I’ve been doing it for nearly 3 years now. Sometimes I have strange dreams after watching a movie for example, or after going through an issue that affects me somehow. It’s a dream I don’t like, it’s boring or it’s mundane. Sometimes I don’t want to record them, but I can’t ignore them, those also have the answer I seek. I HAVE TO RECORD THEM because if I don’t, to me it feels like I am suppressing it. Attention is what’s needed. Especially if I don’t like it somehow, I find the need to figure out why and how that dream got into the tape recorder (in the subconscious).

When I first started recording I would skip the ugly dreams, or the ones that seemed strange or incomplete. But then I realized that those dreams were already in the tape. Ignoring them wouldn’t get them out or fix anything. They would instead morph into something else, causing them to be even more incomprehensible. Pushing it aside as bogus, ignoring it as unimportant or going against it as if brute force is going to erase it doesn’t work, it only adds more to the tape. Conflict then generates. In my opinion our consciously aware mind should instead illuminate the subconscious. This can be done by thinking about our dreams after waking up and by given them the needed consideration. By traveling or changing our daily routine, by going out into nature, by thinking of things we haven’t considered, by stimulating our creativity, by thinking about what really matters, talking to ourselves, by considering new opportunities, talking to others, by rewarding ourselves, by laughing at our faults, in other words by building a better relationship with the subconscious using our dreams as the barometer. Like if it was our best friend.

We cannot avoid what has already been recorded in the tape, but shinning some light can help us come to terms with it and even release parts of it. Why? Our subconscious is the compilation or all our life experiences that we have forgotten collapsed within itself, and even more! It creates our personality which is why it can be so evasive. It generates aspects of the psyche.

Imagine lucidity as a transfer from one place into another or one state of being into another. Conscious awareness then tries to transfer into the subconscious, if the subconscious resists we cannot transfer into it. If the subconscious encourages us we are granted instantaneous lucidity. It becomes evident that unconscious aspects can’t be ignored if lucidity is the goal. If you ignore it, it will lock you out because it will feel that your conscious awareness is the stranger within, therefore it will rule you. Your conscious awareness becomes the passenger, the higher levels of lucidity are denied.

I understand the concept of actively perusing better habits so that they get incorporated into our dreams, spiritual life and our being. This is perfect, but what about the stuff that we disapprove off? Before polishing the car we should first have a system to wash it with soap and water would be the logic. It will bridge the gaps building a more cohesive self. All this stuff applies to me; I am not immune to it. It’s a constant reminder that I need to make. It helps me become authentic across more than one level.

Message to my subconscious:

Instead of saying: “hey, Juan, it is the behavior that I will choice for myself, this is the reality I want for myself, do as I say, if you keep doing what I want you will eventually adapt to it and will thrive. Reply from subconscious: And what about me, you don’t think I have anything to say?

I prefer to say: “hey, Juan, you are who you are, even the things you want to dismiss. They are the things that also make who you are. Reply from subconscious: I might grant you more clarity now that you are ready to see, but if you ignore me I will simply find more ways to remind you that you are not separate from me. I will even confuse you to try to get your attention. Treat me well, treat me good, get personal and most important of all try to understand me, if you do I’ll let you drive me from time to time while in my domain.
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