The celestial worlds - issues

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The celestial worlds - issues

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 28th, 2013, 7:12 pm

Anu Gita Discussion - Chapter 2, Verse 38 wrote:Even in the celestial world, there is no contentment after one sees someone with a greater effulgence and splendor. Thus details of all courses of souls were described by me.
Alfredo Delregato wrote:However alluring and considerably less problematic than life on earth, life in these heavenly places is not devoid of resentments, thus it is obvious to question whether such condition amounts to real liberation, or if they are practically imperfect and not the highest the soul can aspire.

This highest would amount to that place where the core-self would feel in perfect unison of spirituality with its core nature, otherwise the location is suspect and questionable.
Michael Beloved wrote:This statement is true for entities from the earth domain who have earthly type of psyches and reference points. There are people in the celestial regions who are servants of the demigod controllers and sub-deities in those realms, and who are not tormented by any kind of comparisons or resentments. This is why those persons can remain in those zones as permanent residents. Because those persons experience themselves as natural parts of the families of the deities and sub-deities, they are not undone by the presence of anyone who outpaces their looks, status or functions.

We however because of our orientation to an earthly conditioned psyche and because of our innate sense of insecurity, will feel questioned and challenged when we are in a paradise world and find others who are incomparable in splendor and who cannot be superseded under any condition by any attempt or effort on our part to reform our condition or alter our real or imagined insufficiency.
Great post, very relevant!

More than comparison and resentment, it is “function” that trumps everything else in the astral dimensions. The function, after the psychological progressions have collapse into the base that sustains it, and being outside the reflective control of the individual while in the process, allow the memories that engulf/saturate that particular function for it to become available. Just my view, not the ultimate, I recognize that. But hey, I'll share it anyway.

So, it then becomes about how one operates that then determine which memories become available. You can see here how ending up with certain memories, which produce certain inclinations, end up creating “our resting place”, if the individual is lucky. So, instead of “purging away desires” it can become a “yearning to ___…” and then slowly and with authenticity, a function can be created by the side of your…___. This as the goal, it seems to me, applies to those other 99% if one is realistic. However, is unrealistic to think one is allowed to be somewhere, or be part of something, if one has never done so before. This is where astral projection comes in, and the rest figures itself out if one is Authentic in the process. The functions, such as those of the “the servants”, lead into very special places like mid-heavens, a home base or whatever that is sustained by an advance entity. When it doesn’t turn out very well for some, I think the problem is rooted in having an irrelevant function/guidance, which knocks down the psychological supports that decay the human psyche, that lead into this dimension, the perfect place for them. As unfortunately as that may be, they will have a chance to “see if I can go, one last time”, and into a new life (Being in distress #1223).

Some helpful beings linked by lineage and evolutionary stage, can decide to step in to help purge away destructive memories by creating scenarios that lead into the embracement of new functions. It’s should be expected that one do this on one’s own, however, and beyond the limits of what is rational for the reflective human mind, it may not be so for another entity. I think function is a good word because it strips away the issue of “trying to do something outside the function”, such as anything that does not support that function. We may start doing this in the physical dimension, however, any real transformation happens in due time.

So, who is going to sponsor me? Well, that’s what religions have been trying to do it seems to me.
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