Namaste to you

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Namaste to you

Post by Jettins \o/ » February 25th, 2014, 11:13 pm

Christopher Hall wrote:Namaste to you Jettins Yogiji!

Thank's for sharing your astral experience, you seemed to be very expert in the matter of out

of the body experience.

How did you ever attain this level of astral awareness?

Did you ever employ the use of drug's, or was this acquired through yoga practice before you met Michael, or after.

Iam actually amazed and also a little jealous of your consistently reporting of your incredible astral experiences.

Once again yogiji, how did you ever coime to this level of astral projecting expertise?

Anyway, keep up the fantastic reporting of those marvelous experiences of your's.

Namaste all glories and obeisances to your most sacred lotus feet!
Jumping dimensions is my unpaid job it turns out.

I’m a sorry ass yogi in the physical, so it must be something else.

I haven't used ayahuasca or dmt to my alter my consiousnesss as of yet.

Since January the first I’ve been doing the Kriya practice every day, minus about 3 skipped days. It’s very short and lasts about 10-25 min and then a quick meditation. My intention is to slowly build the habit for it and nothing more, for now. It helps to keep my body a bit more relaxed for a projection in the morning. Maybe one day in the distant future, and if I commit hardcore to the yoga practice, I’ll be able to astral project standing up or something koracy like that.

Regarding the level of astral awareness, well, it’s not that high. I have some 5-7 dreams per day and yet only become objectively aware about one or two times and some days even zero. The level of lucidity and length of the experiences vary. I might run around like a moron the times I don't become lucid, but even this can be helpful before considering a possible adjustment from it. Most of the adjustments happen at the subconsious level which act like a separate driver, or co-pilot for my objective awareness it seems. I will try to explain more on this later.

My key point is to never suppress my psyche! Instead of suppressing a perceived problem or energy, I must understand, come to terms or adjust. If catch myself even beginning to resent a portion of me, say a perceived issue, it must be stopped at all costs. When I resent my imperfections, my subconscious grants me unawareness in the astral dimensions period. Instead of this being the focus, I like to think that I can transform my better side, and then the imperfections that hold me closer to the lower states lose their grip and as a result fall off on their own or with help, and there's plenty of help.

If one tries to fight to see something in a mirror that is not, in the physical one could imagine a reflection of a lie or an invalid truth, but in the astral dimensions one would have greatly difficulty recognizing that kind of reflection resulting in great unawareness.

I’m like the surfer that rides the waves. I don’t want to fight the ocean because I’m friends with the ocean and for this reason it has taken me to unimaginable places.

There will be many more stories to share, and that’s for sure!
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