Something about the NAAD Sound - Yoga Meditation

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Something about the NAAD Sound - Yoga Meditation

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 26th, 2014, 10:00 pm

The following post is in reply to the thread located @ Hariharananda Meditation Procedure


Many months ago a few beings supposedly from the future (3000 AD) shined a bit of light into the NAAD problem. If I remember correctly they said to find everything in NAAD or everything within NAAD or NAAD in everything. Meaning that in some strange way, and tailored to my inquiring mind at the time, everything astraly could be made to be, or have, or be turned into the NAAD. But it was specific.

This experience was broken down in three parts:

The first part was an intuitive test. I was asked to assemble a puzzle with missing pieces, and different parts that, to the visual reference of a logical mind it was impossible to solve –all while inside a holodeck type space like in Star Trek; it would then re-render itself with the next test.

The second or the third was about the NAAD. I will only state what I can remember without the use of the logs. I was first told the above, and then the general scene of a living room appeared into view. The household articles were stacked together as if in storage in the center of the living room. I remember talking for some reason, screaming maybe. But there was no sound, absolutely no sound could be made to be audible. If I remember correctly I had to focus on an article, an astral tin can was choosen. Then, mentally, this article was somehow to have or create, be turned to, or made to be NAAD resonance. I don't feel qualified to talk about the NAAD just yet.

This was shared because of Alfredo's the last paragraph.
Alfredo wrote:I believe Baba when he says that he does not need to do the pranayama anymore to hear his version of Naad. However, there seems to be a difference in the appreciating quality of it from the Naad you mention, which you called "high naad". What the Swamiji referred to was perhaps just naad, the one the Kriyavan is supposed to hear all the time, and not the "high naad" conducive to the deeper meditation.
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